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Site Lap: Almost Midway

Site Lap: Almost Midway

Thursday, May 25, 2017 | 1:30 PM
Thursday, May 25, 2017 | 1:30 PM

The fact that we are now approaching the midway point of the 2017 Wiseco ATV Motocross National Championship is kind of mind-boggling. The time seems to be flying by and with the changes in the schedule it gets a little confusing but here we are heading into round four of a now nine round championship for the amateur ATV national championships. The excitement provided so far with the great racing may just be the prelude of what’s to come. Like the first three rounds, these next three rounds will be critical to position yourself well for the championship and most classes seems to have some interesting scenarios shaping or about to shape into an epic battle for a number of titles.

As I sit down this morning it is especially hard to know where to begin. My responsibility is to write about the ATV racing and all the great things that happen in our community we call the “ATV Racin’ Nation” which I will and there is plenty. However this week I wanted to talk a little about the sad news many of us heard going into this past weekend. The passing of Dan Hoisington was a very big shock and if you know the back-story you know how sad as well. Ken Hill will have more and a message from the family. 

Joel Hetrick took the overall win at Ironman, will he be able to take home the top honors at Muddy Creek on June 3?
Joel Hetrick took the overall win at Ironman, will he be able to take home the top honors at Muddy Creek on June 3? Ken Hill

I only knew Dan from his racing and in passing mainly but what I knew “of him” was even more. Dan was a young man that had a reputation of being a great person all around. He was admired and respected for his talents on the track but as much for his demeanor off the track. I recall hearing several people talk about his potential, which was always followed by how great of a person he was. So often it is the opposite comments you hear of a person but Dan stood out and people noticed the good things in his spirit. His problems were no secret and that was to be respected and admired on some levels. 

The obvious outcome though sad should not be overlooked nor forgotten but used for a wake up call to everyone in our sport that these problems exist and we all need to be educated to try and prevent things like this from happening in the future. Family, friends and sponsors should all feel an obligation to try and monitor situations and not let them get out of control or reach a point such as Dan’s.   Even then it’s not always a guarantee but early detection and education could saves lives and careers in the future. None of us should ever, now more than ever, turn away from possible or current problems of someone we know or love. It’s not a problem that will go away by itself and may not ever. But we have to do something before it becomes a bigger problem than we already know. 

Zimmerman earned two second place overalls at Ironman, and seems to be on the hunt for a first overall heading into Tennessee.
Zimmerman earned two second place overalls at Ironman, and seems to be on the hunt for a first overall heading into Tennessee. Ken Hill

It’s really hard to transition from something like this to talk about the racing but I can assure you that Dan Hoisington would want to read about the excitement ahead as the championships heat up. As I mentioned earlier, Ken Hill will have more in his contribution a little further down in this article.

A look at this year’s championships has shed light on many individuals and even more exciting I believe there may still be lighter to shed. And so far this season we have spoken about several different riders and classes but as the season moves forward the list grow which creates even more excitement as we approach he halfway point of the championship. 

One class that has really caught my attention lately is the Open B class. This class has a mix of young and upcoming talent. Some riders have been on the bigger bikes a few years now while some made the step up this season. The competition in this class is reaching epic proportions itself.

A look at he Open B point standings show Eli Lingle on top with three wins to start the season, He came into this season with a vengeance conquering every event so far this season in this class. He has also taken a win and a second in the Production B class against some more of the B class top competition including Brogan Guyer. Eli seems to have a number of things dialed in this season and honestly exudes a very strong sense of confidence. Knowing this as a race fan is exciting because we can see the potential for some great battles ahead in these classes. 

Here's to hoping for some great weather next weekend at Muddy Creek!
Here's to hoping for some great weather next weekend at Muddy Creek! Ken Hill

Eli Lingle may be leading points and in the Open B and so closely matched in the Production B class but it must be noted that he is not the only riders that posses the ability to mix things up even more. Riders like Ty Hudson, Brandon O’Neil, Damon Smids, Cole Borowiak, Gave Dommer and Josh Holley to name a few all show great potential. The cards in this class are stacked and everyone may have a pocket Ace in this division, which will keep us all guessing till the final rounds of the title fights here. 

The great thing about this championship is that it is not only about one or two classes. The entire gamut of class’s posse’s moments of greatness to watch and it is a good idea to watch as many of the classes as you can while at the track. There is likely a Jeremiah Jones, Joel Hetrick or Cole Sepesi working his way through the ranks and we will one day waiting and watching their progress in the pro ranks to see what kind of greatness they will achieve. 

That’s it for me for now. Let’s check in with Gloop’s Loop and with Ken “so hotel’s aren’t all bad” Hill. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.

In The Loop with Gloop:

Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Rastrelli and Bryce Ford this week!

Keeping up with Ken Hill

I have commented before how social media is or can be a roller coaster of emotions as one scrolls through heir various feeds. Saturday morning I was looking at the muddy mess those at the GNCC were posting and also posts from all over as the MX riders started gearing up around the country for their races when the news hit my screen of the passing of fellow ATVMX racer Dan Hosington. With no real information available other than the fact he was no longer of this world, it brought a sobering reality to my day as the conditions seemed to pale in comparison of the loss of one of our own. 

Dan’s brother sent over what follows below and all I can add is please, I beg of you, if you have a problem with substance abuse, let those around you help or seek help. Everyone knows how dangerous drugs are and how it ruins lives so again, I beg of you to get help. The lives ruined due to this issue so many face is almost uncountable and is at epic proportions around the country. You can come from a great family, have love all around you and still fall into this death spiral that will find you and kill you as it is a matter of when not if. You owe it to yourself and the ones who love you to not go down this road or to fight the addiction with the help that I know is out there be it your family or with the help of those who are on the front lines of this epidemic. For the full release, click HERE.

Crawfordsville is always so welcoming! #MOTOVILLE
Crawfordsville is always so welcoming! #MOTOVILLE Ken Hill

Dan was always a joy to photograph and seemed so happy when he was at the track and he had support from his family that also lived to see Dan do his thing on the track. This is a loss that will not be forgotten for his friends in the racing world and I know I speak for everyone when I ask for prayers for Dan’s family who need our support at this time and beyond. We will miss you kid, I wish you would have just called me and I would have done everything possible to get you help and that goes for any of you out there, call me, yell at me, I will come hold you down or help you through whatever problem you have. No one is alone no matter how distant you may feel so please take that step if you are going or have arrived at a bad place. That life is no life and we are here to get you through those times!

Again, our deepest condolences to the Hosington family as you deal with your loss.

God bless you all.