ATV Motocross

Past Champions (1984-2023)

YearNameCity, StateBrand
2023Joel HetrickSeneca, PA(YAM)
2022Joel HetrickSeneca, PA(YAM)
2021Chad Wienen (MX)Galena, IL(YAM)
2020Chad Wienen (MX)Galena, IL(YAM)
2019Joel Hetrick (MX)Seneca, PA(HON)
2018Chad Wienen (MX)Galena, IL(YAM)
2017Joel Hetrick (MX)Seneca, PA(HON)
2016Chad Wienen (MX)Galena, IL(YAM)
2015Chad Wienen (MX)Galena, IL(YAM)
2014Chad Wienen (MX)Galena, IL(YAM)
2013Chad Wienen (MX)Galena, IL(YAM)
2012Chad Wienen (MX)Galena, IL(YAM)
2011John Natalie, Jr. (MX)Houtzdale, PA(CAN)
2010Josh Creamer (MX)North Stonington, CT(SUZ)
2009Dustin Wimmer (MX)Center Valley, PA(SUZ)
2008Dustin Wimmer (MX)Center Valley, PA(SUZ)
2007Joe Byrd (MX)Union City, TN(HON)
2006Joe Byrd (MX)Union City, TN(HON)
2005John Natalie, Jr. (MX)Houtzdale, PA(HON)
2004Doug Gust (MX)Salem, WI(SUZ)
2003Doug Gust (Prod. MX)Salem, WI(SUZ)
2003Jeremiah Jones (250 MX)Bowling Green, KY(LAE)
2002Tim FarrMassillon, OH(LAE)
2001Jeremiah Jones (GNC)Bowling Green, KY(LAE)
2001Jeremiah Jones (MX)Bowling Green, KY(LAE)
2000Travis Spader (GNC)Brick, NK(ROL)
2000Jeremiah Jones (MX)Bowling Green, KY(LAE)
1999Doug Gust (GNC)Salem, WI(HON)
1998Tim FarrCanton, OH(LAE)
1997Shane Hitt (GNC)Buckhannon, WV(LAE)
1996Tim FarrCanton, OH(HON)
1995Tim FarrCanton, OH(HON)
1994Gary Denton (GNC)Chino, CA(HON)
1993Gary Denton (GNC)Chino, CA(HON)
1992Gary Denton (GNC)Chino, CA(HON)
1991Gary Denton (GNC)Chino, CA(HON)
1990Gary Denton (GNC)Chino, CA(HON)
1989Gary Denton (GNC)Chino, CA(HON)
1988Gary Denton (GNC)Chino, CA(HON/SUZ)
1987Gary Denton (GNC)Chino, CA(HON)
1986Rodney Gentry (GNC)Redding, FL(HON)
1985No 4-Wheel Champ Crowned
1985Marty Hart 3-Wheel MX Champion(HON)
1984Jimmy White 3-Wheel MX Champion(KAW)
Note: From 1984-2001, the series was called the Grand National Championship (GNC) Series, which included both motocross and dirt track events. In 2002, the series split into two separate championships.