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Pro Season Credential

Season credentials are available to AMA Pro Crew members and Pro rider guests only, as well as Industry personnel. A Season credential is good for the entire 2024 racing season and requires submittal of a photo and liability waiver and release.

The cost for a Pro Season credential is $500 (crew & guest credential) and $300 (youth credential) which are good for weekend gate admission at all events.

There are three types of Pro Season credentials:

  • Crew credential is issued to authorized pro rider crew members and requires a current AMA membership through August 14, 2024.
  • Guest credential is issued to authorized pro rider guests and Industry personnel and does not require an AMA membership.
  • Youth credential is issued to guests ages (6-11)


Eligibility: Each licensed rider may purchase season credentials for their crew members and guests. Applications will not be processed until the affiliated rider has been approved for a 2024 license. Pro Season credentials are not available to the general public.

Industry Personnel: An Industry credential is reserved for personnel associated with a business within the motorcycle race industry. All industry applicants must be approved by MXS. If approved, a Guest credential only will be issued — not Crew.

Age Requirements: The minimum age for a Crew credential is 18 years. The minimum age for a Guest credential is 5 years. A liability waiver/release form must be completed for all persons issued a credential. Children under 5 years do not require a credential but must be accompanied by a credentialed adult and a minor release submitted on their behalf.

Series Access: A season credential is valid at any ATVMX event.

Proper Use: Credentials are specialty hard cards issued by MX Sports Pro Racing. Credentials must be worn at all times during events and only by the individual to whom it was issued. Presentation of a credential signifies to security that the bearer has signed the required releases and meets the qualifications for access into restricted areas. Unauthorized or improper use of a pass is prohibited.

Replacement: If your credential is lost, stolen or damaged, contact MXS immediately. Depending on the circumstances, a fee may be assessed for replacement.


Applicant Information: Complete the required fields in the online application and submit for approval. Make sure all information is accurate. Our primary means of communication with you will be by email.

AMA Membership: Crew members MUST have a current AMA membership valid through August 14, 2024 before applying. Memberships can be obtained and/or renewed online or call AMA at (800) 262-5646 prior to submitting application.

Consent: Crew members must also indicate their consent and agreement to the AMA Pro Racing Membership Terms and Conditions, found at the bottom of the form.

Who is your Rider? No more than one rider/team affiliation can be named. MXS will contact the rider to confirm authorization of a credential on his behalf.

Photo: Upload a forward-facing head shot taken in front of a solid light color background. No sunglasses or other distracting images. Your face must be clearly visible.

Submittal: Applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the first event needed. Approval of applications is in the sole discretion of MXS.

Credential Pick-Up: Upon approval, credentials will be available for pick-up at all events from the Pro Official. Credentials will not be mailed. Proper ID must be provided in order to obtain credential. Once again, minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent at the time of credential pickup.

Releases: A 2024 MXS All-Event Release Waiver and Indemnity Agreement must be digitally signed at time of application in order to obtain credential.

Need More Information? We can be reached at (304) 284.0101 or by email.

To apply for a Pro Season credential, please complete by clicking the link below:

Team Rider's Crew & Guest Credential

Need More Information? We can be reached at (304) 284.0101 or by email.