ATV Motocross

2008 ATV Pro National Number Reservation Procedure

Friday, January 4, 2008 | 12:00 AM

The following procedures apply to the AMA ATV Pro MX division.


  1. The number one is reserved for the current national champion. If that said rider chooses to use another number, the number one is still reserved.

  2. 2008 pro license holders will be allowed to use the same number they participated with in the Pro division during the 2007 season.

  3. A rider may change numbers as long as the number is open. The procedure for doing so will be ranked off of the rider’s finishing position in the 2007 season. For example: If a rider that finished 5th in points wanted to choose the number 100 and it was available that said rider would have precedence over the rider that finished 6th and so on. Deadline for number changes is 02/01/08 to allow for new license holders to choose their number.

  4. New Pro license holders in 2008 will be allowed to use the number they desire if it does not conflict with any current or reserved numbers.

  5. Beginning in the year 2009 a rider must have accumulated at least one point in the prior season to be able to keep their current number.

  6. All remaining number related issues are covered in the rulebook.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AMA Racing’s Competition Services at 1-800-AMA-JOIN (262-5646)