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ATV Promoter Jeff Cernic Candidate for AMA Board of Director

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 | 12:00 AM

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ATV Promoter Jeff Cernic

Candidate for AMA Board of Director

Morgantown, WV ”“ The ATVPG announces that its newest member, Jeff Cernic, promoter of Round 9 of the ITP/Moose National Motocross at Pleasure Valley Raceway in Johnstown, PA, is running for the AMA Board of Directors.

ATV racers, enthusiasts, friends and families have a unique opportunity to finally elect an ATV enthusiast to the AMA Board of Directors.  Jeff Cernic was instrumental in creating the PAMX and the American Suzuki ATV Regional Championship.

Jeff Cernic is running for election to the Board’s Northeast Region seat, which covers AMA/ATVA members in Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12 and 34.  If you are from one of these Districts, you can cast your vote for Jeff Cernic. 

Last month, AMA/ATVA members received their January 2008 issue of American Motorcyclist containing the ballot for the election.  The ballot deadline is January 15, 2008, which means the ballot must be received at the accounting firm by that date.  

Members who did not receive a ballot for any reason (Life and Associate members do not get the magazine, but are entitled to vote), can request one from AMA by emailing Rhonda Hixon at [email protected] or calling her at (614) 856-1900, ext. 1283.


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Jeff Cernic will work for motorcyclists everywhere

““Thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences and involvement with AMA, and how it has shaped my life.

 ““As a life-long member of AMA, I have had the tremendous fortune to work with and know the most fascinating people in our industry.  My close professional relationship with all manufacturers has enabled me to be involved with every facet of our sport, from the casual sport rider, to the amateur racer, all the way to our premiere professional athletes.

““As the owner of three motorcycle dealerships carrying nearly every brand, both road and off-road, I have direct and regular contact with riders of all ages, who share their experiences and concerns with me. 

““As the owner of a motocross race track that embraces both bikes and ATVs, I keep my finger on the pulse of the racing community, monitoring their wants and needs, so that I and my fellow promoters can respond appropriately.

““As a professional race team owner, I am able to regularly attend the premiere motocross races in our country, both supercross and motocross, and have traveled across the pond no less than seven times in support of our boys as Team USA represents our country in international events like the annual Motocross of Nations.

““And through my trackside support program, I am able to attend many of the most prestigious amateur and professional motocross events, such as the AMA Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s, and various rounds of AMA Supercross, AMA Motocross, AMA Superbike and the ATVA Grand National Championships.

““I was honored to be elected President of AMA District 5 for 10 years, as well as serve as AMA Congressman more than 10 years, chairing several committees throughout.

““My most recent contribution to our sport and to the AMA is the creation and development of the PAMX Association, a member organization designed to promote quality motocross racing in Western Pennsylvania. In one short year, we organized a successful Spring Series, the PA State Championships, and the first-ever ATV Regional Championship, all with valuable factory contingencies for our riders.

““After 44 years, I have reached a time in my life where I believe that I can best serve AMA members through representation at the Board level.  To that end, I ask your support.

““It would be an honor and a privilege to serve on the AMA Board of Directors, and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity that has been given me. 

In sincere appreciation,

Jeff Cernic