ATV Motocross


MYLAPS FLEX transponder is the official transponder of the AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series

Rent a Transponder

Rent a MYLAPS Transponder at the track and pay $40 Rental Fee (cash only) plus $100 Deposit (cash or credit).ƒ You do not have to reserve a transponder, many transponders will be available at the track.ƒ Pick up your transponder at the event before or after registration.ƒ The transponder trailer will be open Sunday morning by 10 a.m.ƒ Rented transponders may be kept by the racer and used at other events in 2012.ƒ The racer would then forfeit their deposit.

Buy a Transponder

Buy a MYLAPS Transponderƒƒ online for $90 good for one full year. If you purchase a FLEX transponder online, be sure to download the Flex Manager software and activate your transponder when it arrives in the mail.ƒ This is required before you can use your transponder at a race.ƒ Instructions to do this will come with the transponder.ƒ It is quick and easy to do but you must have internet access to do it.
Purchase Transponder

More information can be found at

Please Note: If you are bringing your own transponder to the event, be sure to take it to registration so the number can be recorded in the database.