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Budds Creek ATV Motocross National Race Report

Budds Creek ATV Motocross National Race Report

Friday, June 14, 2024 | 2:50 PM
Friday, June 14, 2024 | 2:50 PM


Budds Creek ATV Motocross National Race Report

MECHANICSVILLE, Maryland (June 14, 2024) - Budds Creek has been steadily developing a healthy following when it comes to the ATV Motocross series. Since returning to the series schedule, the accolades that seem to flow out of this venue continue to be positive and the vibe lived up to its feel again here in the 2024 season. The question however remained, would anyone be able to challenge returning champion Joel Hetrick for the victory here in southern Maryland.

AMA Pro ATV Racing off and running at Budds Creek Raceway.
AMA Pro ATV Racing off and running at Budds Creek Raceway. RipItUp Films

The layout and track make up offered everyone a neutral surface as sandy loam kept everyone on a level playing field. While big air isn’t something that Budd’s Creek is known for, there is enough of a high speed challenge to keep every rider in check as a mistake can be extremely costly. With timed qualifying being the first order of business, it didn’t take long for Joel Hetrick to do what he seems to live for and prove he was the fastest rider on the track. Securing the fastest qualifying award was the start of another dominating weekend where Hetrick’s name would be the only one claiming near perfection as days proceedings continued.

With qualifying complete, the first moto would soon be on the gate as the confidence in Hetrick’s fans reached a favored pitch. Love or hate him, Joel is the absolute master when it comes to getting the job done on an ATV. While it may be disheartening to his competitors, the mere fact that he is virtually untouchable breeds respect and that should say volumes about his skill and character.

The day may have fallen again to Hetrick who secured the victory by sweeping both motos, the story wasn’t just another Hetrick story to pad to his career highlight reel. The battle behind him was getting heated as Brandon Hoag appeared to have shaken off the bad luck that has had him beaten down moto after moto. Those dark days behind him, Hoag found what he needed here at Budd’s Creek to make this a race free and clear of past issues. Taking a holeshot and leading a moto was confidence building as he has to have grown somewhat gun shy after dealing with everything he has had overcome this season. The positive progress washout lived albeit exciting for everyone who cheered for Hoag as Hetrick decided he needed to be out front and made the pass for the lead.

Hetrick continued his dominance with a 1-1 performance in Maryland.
Hetrick continued his dominance with a 1-1 performance in Maryland. RipItUp Films

Hoag’s day was indeed something to cheer about after going 2-2 for a solid second overall. The elation that he did all he could and wasn’t discussing the incredible bad luck that has had him pinned down was being shared through everyone as they were happy to see success out of Hoag’s efforts. The fight between Hoag and Bryce Ford was one everyone was expecting however a early moto crash took Ford out of contention for the race win but his amazing riding took him from last to 4th in the first moto and he solidified his podium finish in moto two with 3rd. Ford has been free to have his way within the top five over the past few rounds again, mainly due to Hoag’s persistent bad luck. This round put him to the test and he came out the back side with another great finish proving he belongs in the top three and is hungry for more. 

While the spotlight always shines bright on the leaders, Max Lindquist was quietly marching forward in the first moto taking an impressive 3rd and then a 4th in moto two. Whatever Max has been doing this season needs to continue because he is picking his way through the field of talent round after round.  

Rounding out the top five was Westley Wolfe who has been on the inured list for what seems like forever. His return here in his home state came as a surprise to many especially after he put together an incredible weekend going 5-5 for 5th in Pro and sweeping Pro Am 1-1 for the overall! Wolfe has been trying to prove he has everything it takes to win races but has been dealt injury after injury in the past few seasons curtailing his efforts. To climb back on the pegs and have such an impressive weekend had to have the Maryland native in good spirits!

Brandon Hoag would go 2-3 for second overall on the day.
Brandon Hoag would go 2-3 for second overall on the day. RipItUp Films

Up next is Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut Illinois, home track to the legend Chad Wienen. This. Is usually the point of the season where we discuss Chad and his ability to make things happen has the tracks get rough and his size comes into play. With Wienen out for the season, JoelHetrick as a clean slate to pad his record and continue chipping away at a coveted perfect season. The crowd may sway heavily towards another Joel Hetrick sweep, however we could see something big happen after Budd’s Creek. Hoag is hungry and so is Ford as they both would love the chance to best Hetrick.

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Budds Creek Results and Points Standings
Mechanicsville, Maryland
Round 6 of 10
Saturday, June 8, 2024

AMA Pro Class Event Results:

  1. Joel Hetrick (1-1)
  2. Brandon Hoag (2-3)
  3. Bryce Ford (4-2)
  4. Max Lindquist (3-4)
  5. Westley Wolfe (5-5)
  6. Kevin Saar (6-7)
  7. John Glauda (8-8)
  8. Joseph Chambers (7-9)
  9. Mason Jackson (12-6)
  10. Cody Ford (9-10)

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