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Pleasure Valley ATVMX National Championship Race Report

Pleasure Valley ATVMX National Championship Race Report

Thursday, July 6, 2023 | 2:35 PM
Thursday, July 6, 2023 | 2:35 PM


Pleasure Valley ATVMX National Championship Race Report
Bryce Ford Earns Second Overall Win of 2023

SEWARD, Pa. (July 6, 2023) - The Pleasure Valley track in Pennsylvania was near perfection as round eight of the 2023 season began the hustle and flow of a very busy weekend of racing. Changes to the track were working and they were providing some impressive lap times as virtually everyone came off the track reporting how well things were flowing and that they loved the track. Fans were flocking to see the action and even the weather appeared to be near perfection through the practice sessions. 

Phoenix Racing Yamaha’s Joel Hetrick secured the fastest qualifier and things looked like we were in for another epic brawl between Hetrick and Wienen Motorsports/Maxxis Tires/SSi Decals/Fly Racing/Yamaha’s Chad Wienen at the very least. This round was a big spoiler in 2022 as Wienen struck hard and claimed the overall and the loss to Hetrick was a bitter pill to swallow. 

The skies opened up during the first Pro moto at Pleasure Valley. Bryce Ford would take the win, and go 1-2 for his second overall win of the season.
The skies opened up during the first Pro moto at Pleasure Valley. Bryce Ford would take the win, and go 1-2 for his second overall win of the season. Ken Hill

The energy level was high as the pro class headed to the line for the first moto. There were tons of smiles as gate picks were made and the nervous energy did its part to add to an already stressful day. This was going to be a very fast track and glimpses of speed had been shown by nearly every rider as they found ways to turn things up during practice. Option lines were everywhere and allowed room for passing which should have played into the story of this race however as the opening ceremonies commenced, small rain drops began to fall and would soon wreak havoc on the day.

Wienen powered his way to the holeshot and the blistering pace he was setting let everyone know he wanted this win in a bad way. His nemesis was in traffic and while making things happen, Hetrick and the rest of the class was about to be hit by the wall of rain that consumed the track! In just a few laps the track went from perfection to nearly impassable as the rain assaulted the track. Almost instantly, plans were of no use and survival became the rallying cry as the speeds dropped to a snail’s pace as riders struggled with the mud and the insane deluge of water that was causing mechanical issues. 

With the shuffle taking place, Ford Brothers Racing/FXR/SSi Decals/CST’s Bryce Ford moved up and overtook the lead as sputtering engines now replaced the high horsepower that just a few laps before brought the valley to life. Hetrick was doing all he could to claw his way to a podium finish and would be successful as he landed the second spot at race end. Ford Brothers Racing/FXR/SSi Decals/CST’s Cody Fords efforts found him taking third as he joined his brother on the podium. The moto wiped Wienen’s lead and set him back to fifth and forced nearly everyone onto the struggle bus as the work began to change engines or handle damage caused by the weather.

Chad Wienen went 5-1 for second overall on the day in Pennsylvania.
Chad Wienen went 5-1 for second overall on the day in Pennsylvania. Ken Hill

Moto two showed more ominous signs as the pro’s worked their way to the gate. Big changes in the finishing order had sparked some fire in a few riders that saw their best finish of the season come at the expense of attrition as the weather seemed to want to pick the finishing order. Rain continued to fall as a wall of muddy roost flew high as Wienen rocketed to his second holeshot of the day! As the rain fell, a mistake was made and any chance for Hetrick to get back to the podium was gone as he and a very muddy berm got acquainted causing him to get stuck.

Insanity and carnage were spread out over this once pristine track as Wienen held the lead and was riding smart. While he was the leader, the talk over the PA system was the overall and how it would play out as riders continued to battle even in these trying conditions. In the end, Wienen would take the checkered flag and the moto win as the crowds cheering grew for the #4 of Ford. Fords efforts locked in his second overall win of his young pro career. Wienen’s 5-1 finishes gave him second and a new name was joining the podium for the very first time. Musick Racing/Kenda/FXR/TDR Motorsports’ Kevin Saar, a rookie Pro in the series, would put forth a 4-6th effort that earned him third overall! The impressive finish came after competing with the world’s best in the worst conditions proving he did indeed earn his success. 

While the crowd at the podium was showing the top three some much deserved love, the pits were where the seriousness of the day was taking place. Debriefing and discussion and the release of the days frustration soon turned to elation and the happiness of just finishing a set of the worst motos of all time. C. Ford went 3-8 giving him a solid 4th on the day and a 10-5 for 5th would land Rastrelli Racing/FXR Moto/Rocket Machine Design’s Jeffrey Rastrelli in the top five even after a get off. 

Kevin Saar battled to earn his first-ever AMA Pro podium finish with third overall.
Kevin Saar battled to earn his first-ever AMA Pro podium finish with third overall. Ken Hill

The finishes may be history however the racing never truly gets turned off as talk of the next round, Briarcliff, was already being discussed. As a fan of the series, the weather did not seem to hamper the enthusiasm one bit as everyone was soaked with big smiles and nothing but encouragement. We all leave Pleasure Valley acknowledging the hard work the track crew invested in providing probably the best track we’ve ever seen here, and the only regret is that we did not get to see a race that allowed the racers to do what they do best! 

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Bryce Ford (center), Chad Wienen (right) and Kevin Saar (left) rounded out the Pleasure Valley ATVMX National top three AMA Pro finishers.
Bryce Ford (center), Chad Wienen (right) and Kevin Saar (left) rounded out the Pleasure Valley ATVMX National top three AMA Pro finishers. Ken Hill

Pleasure Valley Results and Points Standings
Seward, Pennsylvania
Round 8 of 10
Saturday, July 1, 2023

AMA Pro Class Event Results:

  1. Bryce Ford (1-2)
  2. Chad Wienen (5-1)
  3. Kevin Saar (4-6)
  4. Cody Ford (3-8)
  5. Jeffrey Rastrelli (10-3)
  6. Joel Hetrick (2-12)
  7. Max Lindquist (11-4)
  8. Nicholas Gennusa (9-5)
  9. Michael Allred (8-7)
  10. Westley Wolfe (7-10)

Overall National Championship Standings:

  1. Joel Hetrick (345)
  2. Bryce Ford (304)
  3. Chad Wienen (283)
  4. Jeffrey Rastrelli (266)
  5. Nick Gennusa (243)
  6. Brandon Hoag (218)
  7. Max Lindquist (204)
  8. Westley Wolfe (180)
  9. Logan Stanfield (176)
  10. Kevin Saar (162)

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