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Ford Brothers Racing’s Bryce Ford Returns to Podium Glory at Ironman

Thursday, May 18, 2023 | 10:30 AM

Ford Brothers Racing’s Bryce Ford Returns to Podium Glory at Ironman

(Crawfordsville, Indiana. May 13, 2023) The Ford Brothers Racing Team fearlessly entered round five of the ATV Motocross National Championship, seeking an exhilarating showdown. This past Saturday in west central Indiana, the ATV motocross community witnessed relentless battles, leaving everyone wondering if the team would emerge victorious.

Ironman Raceway stands as a premier facility in American Motocross racing, renowned for its exceptional standards. While proudly hosting rounds of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, the Grand National Cross-Country Series, and the ATVMX National Championship, Ironman holds a profound connection to ATV racing. Since 2015, Ironman has been the backdrop for numerous remarkable moments in ATV racing, notably including the unforgettable downpour of Ironman 2022.

Despite the looming threat of rain throughout the entire weekend, the skies remained clear, and the track conditions remained optimal throughout the event. Ironman boasts some of the circuit's largest jumps, a firm base ensuring ideal ATV racing conditions, and an abundance of line choices, culminating in the finest display of ATV racing. This exceptional arena served as the perfect stage for the Ford Brothers Racing duo, Bryce and Cody Ford, to embark on a new series of triumphs as the championship reaches its halfway mark.

Credit: Tremellen Media House
Credit: Tremellen Media House

Young sensation Bryce Ford entered round five with the determination to reclaim his position atop the Pro Class podium, following a near-miss at High Point that halted his remarkable four-race podium streak. Surprisingly, his fastest qualifying lap landed him in the sixth position, which was uncharacteristic for the talented #4 rider. However, this did not deter Bryce from showcasing some of the most fiercely contested racing we have ever witnessed from him. In Moto 1, Bryce catapulted himself into the top five off the start and swiftly made the move to secure third place, overtaking his rival Jeffrey Rastrelli. With exceptional precision, Bryce executed a flawless pass on Brandon Hoag to claim the runner-up position behind the reigning champion, Joel Hetrick, just past the midway mark of the race. Bryce skillfully fended off the relentless pursuit of eight-time champion Chad Wienen, lap after lap, in the closing stages of the moto. However, in the final corners, the legendary Wienen made a bold move, relegating Bryce to a commendable third-place finish in Moto 1 at Ironman.

As the engines roared and the gate dropped on Moto 2, it was Rastrelli who secured the holeshot, only to have Bryce Ford quickly seize the lead from him. It didn't take long for the three-time champion, Hetrick, to execute a pass on Bryce, pushing him into the runner-up position. Bryce held strong in second place until the midpoint of the race when seasoned eight-time series champion, Wienen, found his way around the fourth-year pro. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Brandon Hoag managed to sneak past the youngest Ford brother in the race's final corner, leaving a bitter taste in the twenty-year-old's mouth. However, Bryce's consistent 3-4 moto finishes secured him a well-deserved third place overall on the day and extended his advantage in the championship standings. He currently maintains second place, now with a twelve-point lead over the competition. Congratulations to Bryce Ford for his hard-fought performance, culminating in a return to the AMA ATV Pro Class podium, marking the twelfth podium finish of his young career.

Cody Ford, the eldest brother, also arrived at Ironman with the aim of rekindling a streak that had recently come to a halt. Over the past three seasons, Cody has solidified his position as a consistent top ten contender among the world's finest ATV racers in the ATV Motocross National Championship series. However, it has been a couple of races since we last saw the #5 rider break into the top ten. Although Cody couldn't reclaim his spot in the top ten this week, he demonstrated steady progress by qualifying fifteenth, finishing fourteenth in Moto 1, and concluding the day in thirteenth place in Moto 2. His combined 14-13 scores granted him the thirteenth overall position in Indiana. In the series point standings, Cody Ford now finds himself tied for eleventh place with Michael Allred. Nonetheless, the encouraging news is that Cody trails Kevin Saar by just a single point, as Saar currently holds the coveted tenth spot. With plenty of racing left in the 2023 season, there are ample opportunities for Cody Ford to make his mark.

“Every single race is a chance to learn. Lessons learned the hard way today, but even with a lesson, good results came. Bryce Ford finished 3rd overall and holds on to P-2 in the Pro Class [standings]. Cody Ford is ready for rough tracks to prove the work is paying off.” The Ford Brothers Racing team posted to their official social media account.

Well, Cody Ford wants a rough track and he’s going to get it! The Ford Brothers Racing team, along with the entire ATV Motocross community, is set to take on the beautiful Sunset Ridge Mx – the roughest track on the circuit, offering a stark contrast to Ironman Raceway. As we enter the exciting "stretch-run" phase of the 2023 season, Bryce Ford aims to capitalize on his recent podium success and forge a new streak. Meanwhile, Cody Ford eagerly anticipates the demanding conditions as an opportunity to demonstrate his preparation and fitness, aiming to secure a coveted position back inside the prestigious top ten. Join us on this thrilling journey as we make our way to Walnut, Illinois, on May 27/28. Let the races begin, see you there!