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Ford Brothers Racing Enjoys Unforgettable Weekend at Pleasure Valley

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 | 9:30 AM

Ford Brothers Racing Enjoys Unforgettable Weekend at Pleasure Valley

SEWARD, Pa. - (July 5, 2020) – Pleasure Valley Raceway near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, hasn’t hosted an ATV Motocross national event in over a decade. The 2020 ATV Motocross National Championship has looked much different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From events being pushed back, to location changes, new rules to enable a safe return to racing, and more – 2020 to this point has been a season unlike any before. Major credit is deserved to the series, its’ promoters, and everyone else whose played a role in adapting to this new normal and pulling a series together on the fly – which brings us to our most recent chapter at Pleasure Valley Raceway. The beautiful facility set in the hills of west-central Pennsylvania, and owned by Jeff Cernic, hasn’t hosted an ATV national since 2010. They were planning to host a local ATV event honoring the great career of ATV racing legend Jeremiah Jones, but when it was determined that Unadilla (NY) wouldn’t be able to host an event this year the PVR crew quickly stepped in. The fastest ATV racers in the world would be heading to PA, for what was now being considered the Jeremiah Jones ATV MX Pro National. The Ford Brothers Racing riders of Bryce and Cody Ford were just tikes when the ATV Motocross National Championship last made a stop at Pleasure Valley back in 2010, but here in 2020 they’d nearly steal the whole show this time around!

Both Ford brothers have spent this 2020 season gaining momentum with each and every race. Younger brother Bryce, AMA ATV Pro Class rookie phenom, has taken the ATV racing world by storm with his blazing speed, impressive holeshots, and his ability to progress at an unprecedented rate. At Sunset Ridge’s previous round of racing, 18-year-old Bryce qualified in the top 3, lead the first laps of his professional career, and finished with a very impressive 4th overall finish – the next goal on Bryce Ford’s list was a pro class podium. For eldest brother, Cody, he’s spent the season racing his way back into shape after suffering an early season injury. Cody also admits it’s been a bit of a mental hurdle to overcome the poor luck he’s had so far this season, but the team has stayed steadfast in their support of their rider who was the first rookie to stand on the Pro Class podium in nearly a decade (or since he was a tike) just one season ago. Cody just wanted to get back to riding like the old Cody Ford, and apparently the entire team had their markers ready to start checking off some goals this past 4th of July weekend at Pleasure Valley!

Bryce Ford has been an attention grabber since the first gate drop of the season, and the fireworks continued early for the rider of the #4 who was the second fastest rider in qualifying heading into the day’s motos. Speed hasn’t been stopping Bryce Ford from finishing on the podium, it’s been more about putting himself in good position early in races. That’s much easier said than done, but his execution on this weekend was impeccable. In the first moto he ran inside the top 3 from start to finish, putting himself in a great position for a potential overall podium later in the day. I mentioned Bryce putting himself in great position, well he did it again in the second moto and then showed smarts beyond his years while executing exactly what he needed to do to achieve his goal of an overall podium finish. Knowing a top 4 would earn himself a podium spot, Bryce rode calculated and within him means to do exactly that. He ran within the top 4 from start to finish, and when he crossed the finish line there was no hesitation or lack of emotion regarding what he just achieved. Bryce Ford’s 3-4 moto finishes earned him a place in the history books with a 3rd overall podium finish on the weekend. Joining the like of his older brother, Bryce was now just the third AMA ATV Pro Class rookie to earn himself a podium finish since the year 2011. With this past weekend’s results, Bryce Ford now sits solidly within the top 5 in the series points standings – and with this constant improvement, it’s hard not to wonder what’s next for Bryce Ford!

Eldest Ford brother, Cody, had an unforgettable day at Sunset Ridge in 2019 when he achieved his first career pro class podium – being the first to do it in so many years, he paved the way for his younger brother in a way. He finished out last season as a top ten Pro Class staple and coming into this season everyone had very high hopes for the AMA ATV Pro Class sophomore – but it’s been an uphill climb ever since being injured just days before the opening round. This season has been a grind for the rider nicknamed “The Foreman” and grinding away is what he’s been doing – but things were different at Pleasure Valley, he was the headline act of Sunday’s day of racing in Pennsylvania. Cody opted to ride the new and prestigious Pro Mod Class this past weekend, which takes place as one of the headline races on Sundays at the nationals. Pro Mod would turn out to be possibly the best racing all weekend, with Cody Ford stealing the show! The #5 rider battled with Pro Class veteran Wes Lewis in Moto 1, in what was a phenomenal race to watch. “The Foreman” stalked Lewis throughout the race but came up just .339 sec short at the checkered flag. Early on in Moto 2 things looked very much the same with Cody in predator-mode, but at the midway point of the race he made his move for the lead and never let go. He would go on to extend his lead and claim his first victory of the season, it was good vibes all around for the Ford Brothers Racing Team! Cody also battled his way to 11-13 scores for 14th overall in the AMA ATV Pro Class.

“I’m completely speechless.” A Ford Brothers Racing team representative told us early Tuesday morning. “I didn’t watch the pro race because my nerves were so high, now I wish I had! You can see Bryce getting more comfortable and learning with each and every moto. He has a lot to learn, of course, but he will continue to grow with each round. He is holding his own against veteran pros that have been in the class longer than he’s been riding a quad. Not sure what to say except, wow!...[And] we saw a glimpse of the old Cody battling it out in Pro Mod. He pushed himself and willed himself to the front for a very impressive ride against Wes Lewis. That off camber turn was a spot where Cody showed no fear and made a line that wasn’t working, work. He pushed through and clicked off a win. We’re going to enjoy this one!”

It was yet another unforgettable weekend for the Ford brothers Racing team, who will look to continue with their momentum as the season progresses. With both riders improving with every race, the second half of this season is going to be a fun ride. The ATV Motocross National Championship series is scheduled to head to Buchanan, Michigan, for the next round of racing on the weekend of July 25/26. We want to congratulate both Cody and Bryce Ford for their stellar performances at Pleasure Valley, and we hope to see you at the historic REEEEEDBUUUUUD!!!!!!!!

*** Highlights:
Cody Ford - Pro Mod - 1st Overall
Bryce Ford - Pro - Holeshot, 3rd Overall