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Quad Radio To Begin Live Streaming Shows

Thursday, May 7, 2020 | 4:20 PM

Quad Radio To Begin Live Streaming Shows

JACKSON, Ohio - Quad Radio, the voice of the ATV Racin’ Nation, is excited to announce their new partnership with E-Racing of Owensboro Kentucky. With this new partnership, Quad Radio will begin live streaming shows as soon as possible. Although streaming live events is nothing new, Quad Radio has yet to jump into the realm of live video streaming. Quad Radio is hopeful they will be offering a product that is more than just live, but also has more for supporters and viewers.

That being said Quad Radio host and Founder, Rodney Tomblin says, “We have finally reached that point!" Beginning next week Quad Radio will begin live programming to inform and entertain race fans around the world.

Quad Radio began in 2012 offering both recorded and live audio programs through YouTube and other platforms. The shows gave listeners an opportunity to get to know racers and individuals in the ATV racing community. In 2018 Quad Radio began streaming recorded video interviews and began focusing on not only professional but also amateur and youth riders. In 2019, Quad Radio began ramping things up a little more to work toward the ultimate goal of offering live programming.

In 2020 Quad Radio has elevated its programming and is mainly focusing on streaming to their YouTube channel, with shows crossing over on Vimeo and Facebook. This is due largely in part from great supporters like DP Brakes, Tely Racing, Phoenix Racing, Ford Brothers Racing, Walker Fowler Racing, LeDonne Racing, All Task Construction and XS Motorsports. Now with the support of E-Racing, Quad Radio is securing new equipment and the technical equipment necessary to provide the programming it has been trying to achieve.

Tomblin continued, “I have wanted to this for a while but where we are headquartered things have not been conducive to do it the way I wanted. Todd West and E-Racing reached out to me and asked how they could help. I went out on a limb and explained my situation and Todd said he wanted to help. He said like me, he wanted to see ATV racing grow and now we are only a few days away from kicking it all off!”

West of E-Racing says he is excited about the future of the sport and the new live shows. He continued, “E-Racing is proud to be a part of Quad Radio’s effort to help bring ATV racing more and more into the limelight. We hope to see the sport grow in the future and this is just one way we can help spread the word.” to be a part of Quad Radio hope to see it all grow

Quad Radio has been testing live streams and all things point to “go” and plans to begin the first real live show next Tuesday May 12, 2020 at 8:00 pm EDT. Guests will be announced later but the show should offer some interesting content to get fans ready for the return to racing. Tomblin said “I am super pumped and really appreciate the support given so far. This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time and now with the support we can finally grow in the direction I hoped to. And as far as I am concerned this is only the beginning and also hope to see the sport and show grow to unthought potential.”

About Quad Radio:

Quad Radio is an internet based radio style interview program reaching out to ATV enthusiasts of all genres across the world and uniting the ATV Nation.

About E-Racing:
E-Racing is a National AMA ATV Racing team with dedicated kids and parents that support them to the moon and back. We also sale parts, fuel, and help anyone anytime track side if we can.