ATV Motocross

Ford Brothers Racing Ironman Raceway

Friday, May 3, 2019 | 2:45 PM

(Crawfordsville, Indiana) In November of 1811, Governor William Henry Harrison marched a thousand men into an Indiana territory village before destroying it and proclaiming a decisive victory. Now known as The Battle at Tippecanoe, this historic site is located just 30 minutes north of Crawfordsville, Indiana – home of Ironman Raceway. Much like Harrison and his troops, Bryce Ford came to town and grabbed a decisive victory, leveling everything in his path.

Bryce Ford took home the Ironman Pro-Am overall win.
Bryce Ford took home the Ironman Pro-Am overall win.

At the previous round of the ATV Motocross National Championship, Bryce Ford showed phenomenal speed. At the most recent round of racing at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana, Bryce brought his dominant speed along with consistency – he put it all together. In Saturday’s Open Pro Sport class racing, the rider aboard his #44 machine lead wire-to-wire in Moto 1. Before Moto 2, the rains moved in, but unlike in Texas, they would not hinder the young phenom. Bryce rode a smart and calculated race in the mud. Knowing it was all he had to do to grab the overall victory, the younger Ford brother grabbed second place at the finish line and rode directly to the podium to claim his overall win. This wouldn’t be his only trip to victory lane on the weekend, however!

With Sunday comes prestigious Pro-Am class racing. Just one notch below the AMA ATV Pro Class, this division full of the sport’s young and rising talent often harbors some of the best racing of the weekend. In Moto 1, Bryce Ford grabbed the holeshot against the stacked field and lead wire-to-wire again for the first moto victory – but his final act on the weekend would be the most impressive.  It’s clear that after two rounds of racing, Bryce Ford and Logan Stanfield are currently the two strongest riders in the field. At the start of Moto 2, Bryce’s grabbed the holeshot and sprinted out to an early lead, but hit a kicker and fell back to fifth giving the leader a solid lead.  But quickly you could see Ford find his groove on his Baldwin Motorsports machine and begin to chip away at the gap. Bryce made a spectacular pass for the lead around the outside of a tricky off camber and that was all she wrote. Bryce Ford scored a perfect 1-1 in the Pro-Am class for another first overall on the weekend. The defeat suffered in the Battle at Tippecanoe proved to be too much for Tecumseh’s tribe to ever overcome, we’ll see what Bryce Ford’s dominant weekend means for his efforts as this season unfolds!