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Motowoz Factory Authorized Shock Service Available in Ohio

Monday, August 21, 2017 | 12:00 PM


August 20, 2017

Motowoz Factory Authorized Shock Service Available in Ohio

PATASKALA, Ohio – A Motowoz factory authorized service center is now available in central Ohio. Doug Schiltz has been rebuilding Motowoz shocks since 2010 and was previously the chief mechanic for Root River Racing and pro ATV motocross racer Josh Upperman. Schiltz has building and repairing ATVs and motorcycles for more than 10 years.

“Doug is the only independent service technician trained by myself at the factory to rebuild Motowoz shocks and has serviced thousands of shocks for ATV racers,” said Motowoz President Jim Jaworski. “Motowoz customers will now have another option to get their shocks serviced by a factory-authorized technician. If you live in states surrounding Ohio, this service center will save you turn-around time and shipping costs.”

Only Motowoz-manufactured parts are used for the rebuilds. A service order form can be downloaded below and placed in a well-packaged box along with the shocks. For questions, contact [email protected]

“Shocks are the most critical piece of chassis setup, and setup can win or lose a race,” Schiltz said. “You can get the most for your money and know that your suspension is safe and reliable by having your shocks maintained regularly.” 

Service Order Form: