ATV Motocross

Dan Hoisington Memorial Ride 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017 | 9:30 AM

The weekend started with some scattered showers in the forecast for Friday. However, in true Ohio fashion that changed, and the facility at Briarcliff MX in Nashport Ohio would not see a drop of rain. Track prep started around 6 p.m. on Friday night, and when Saturday morning came around, perfection would lay in the wake of the track crew’s efforts. A huge thank you to the Osbourne family, the Woods, and all those involved with making the track prep, a true national level effort. 

Saturday morning had a special feel to it when I pulled in. A peaceful vibe, a calm before the storm if you will. 

The first ATV’s hit the track around 10:15 a.m., like music to my ears. I embraced what was happening. Quad after quad lined up and staged for the sessions of open practice. I could only smile as I prepped my own machine for some ride time. I smiled for what we had accomplished and the out pouring of support for a guy I called teammate and friend.

Even though the turnout was great, the sheer number of riders, and spectators meant far less to any of us attending. What mattered, was the quality of people that had surrounded the facility, to support the Family of Dan Hoisington. To celebrate his life and his love of ATV MX. 

The auction table was packed! Tons of items to be auctioned, and given away. A huge thanks to all of the great sponsors that came together to provide us with the auction items. 

Extreme Tec Atv
Wheelz up and Wheelz up girlz
Briarcliff MX
SSI Decals
Koster racing
Never Sleep Designs
LS-4 Fibers
DJ Red Line
AMPED Apparel
Mix it Up Photography
Media All Stars
Cycles R Us
Fork Lift training systems
Scott Goggles
AGX Designs
330 Motorsports
Mika Metals
Oury Grips
88 Live to ride
Rick Roush
Moto Moms Designs
Hinson Racing
Malvern MX
Ohio Outlaws

At 12:30 we would bring everyone together for the auction drawings. We drew a 50/50 which was won by Mr. Mike Keane. Unwilling to accept the winnings, all of the 50/50 money was given back to the family. A true testament to the fact that this was more than a fund raiser, or a drug addiction awareness program, it was a family reunion. Our MX family came together, and it felt good! After the auction announcements, a single file, 1st gear only memorial lap was completed in Dan’s memory and honor. His brother, Ray Hoisington would be the one to lead us all around the track in what I can only say was truly a magical moment. The following morning, as I talked with Dan’s mother Susan, we got talking about the day. She would tell me that during the memorial lap, they counted 71 riders on ATV’s for Dan’s memorial lap. #71, of the 90+ people to sign up to ride, #71 of them would be on their ATV, for the memorial ride. That is a miracle, and only furthers my belief that Dan was with us that day!

After open riding, we had a pit quad race, sponsored by the Koster racing team, and Greg Faschian. 14 total entries, banging bars for the purse. It was a ton of fun, and eventually, after 8 grueling laps, the winner would emerge. Cody Gool, from Ironton Ohio took the W, and the money.

DJ Red Line hit the turn tables and as the day gave way to night, the activities continued. The 20 x 40 tent provided by Extreme TEC ATV would make for a great community gathering spot. We laughed, and shared stories of Dan, some heated games of flip cup would break out, and it was great fun under the big tent. But, before the night would be done, David Hoover, with Fork Lift training systems lite up the night sky with an awesome display of fireworks. As we all watched high in the sky, I could only imagine Dan could see the same light show from the other side, and smile with us...

So many selfless acts went into making the day a true success. If you attended, you were a part of a special day and I personally thank you for spending it at the 2017 Dan Hoisington Memorial Ride and ATV/UTV day.