ATV Motocross

2017 ATV MX Unadilla Ford Brothers Racing

Monday, July 24, 2017 | 3:10 PM

The home of horsepower, Unadilla, is always a fun track. The Ford Brothers Racing crew had some great victories as well as unfortunate season ending crashes.
Taking it from the top, huge shout out to Ronnie Higgerson "ALMOST EVIL" for running up front in 3rd place for two Pro Motos. He is so close to the podium spot, and we have to admit it stung a little when he had an unfortunate event that put him out of the top three. But the feeling is in his blood now and he knows he can make it happen. 

Bryce Ford continues to gain speed as he gets back his endurance after missing the first few rounds of 2017. He was able to click off all four moto wins and topped the box in 250 Mod and Schoolboy Sr.

Cody Ford struggled on Saturday, however, found some much needed speed on Sunday and won Production A. Pro Sport, a class that is stacked with some amazing riders, is always fun to watch. Cody was able to finish third on Sunday, giving him a 5th overall for the weekend.

Brandon O"Neill, while out in the lead during Open B, had an unfortunate crash. He then was hit by another rider and suffered a broken femur and elbow. If anyone can recover and come back strong, we are sure Brandon will be the one in 2018 to make this happen.

Gage Scalleti who is so close to wrapping up the 2017 ATV MX championship in his C classes had two mishaps and opted to not race on Sunday. A good decision on his part. He will compete at Red Bud in hopes to wrap up his titles for the season.

Cash Harsche is a little rocket. Don't let that cute face fool you, he's an animal on the track. He was able to win the 50 CVT class inching his was closer to the top of the points for the series.

Jacob Stevens Saturday was perfect in College boy, unfortunately, like many other riders, Sunday took him down. He crashed in both the holeshot and turn during the College race, but by some shuffling around pulled a 3rd overall out of his hat for the day. Crazy stuff.

Our 2017 goal was to MAKE IT FUN again!!! And even despite the ups and downs at Unadilla, we all pulled out of the gates with hugs and smiles. Red Bud will be another opportunity to celebrate birthdays, victories and the friendships we have with each other. See you at Red BUUUUUUUUD!

Thank you to our 2017 sponsors; Baldwin Motorsports, JB Racing, Fly Racing, Maxxis tires, JSR Moto Designs, PEP, and all the other great people that support the love of quad racing.