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2017 ATV MX Muddy Creek Celebrations for Ford Brothers Racing

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 | 2:45 PM

Ford Brothers Racing team had many reasons to celebrate at the 2017 ATV MX Muddy Creek race.  Proving once again not to believe what you read, the weather that had predicted rain showers ended up being perfect the entire weekend.  Friday practice was cloudy with a chance of speed. And it was fast. 

The weekend celebrations began early on Saturday after Moto 1.  The FBR riders seemed to like the feel of the track and each was standing strong at the end of the day.  We celebrated Robin Ford’s birthday with a great dinner, drinks and lots of friends and family.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  The energy bled over into Sunday and created some positive vibes for our riders giving them over seven (7) Number One (#1) finishes for the weekend!!!  Many of the riders enjoyed their first podium celebrations of the 2017 season.

Ronnie Higgerson (Almost Evil) found his speed.  He finished a strong 4th overall in the Pro class and was only one small step off the podium.  Ronnie has been training hard and it’s paying off.  Ronnie is inching his way up the points podium overall in the Pro class and currently sits in sixth.  Remember to stop by the FBR tent and pick up your FREE “ALMOST EVIL” decal.

Westley Wolfe came out swinging in the Pro class and finished 9th overall for the weekend. He is in a solid top 10 spot overall for the class and is currently the top rookie.  Westley took the momentum through to Sunday and WON Pro Am.  Smiling the entire time.

Ryan Korody (Send It) backing up to his butt patch – SEND IT!!!  He was the first rider of the weekend to clear the uphill triple and made it look easy.  Pro Sport Moto 1 was a good finish for Ryan in a top 5 position.  Unfortunately, Sunday was not the best day for Ryan as he broke his nose on the uphill triple and ended up looking like an astronaut on takeoff.  One of his favorite tracks is the upcoming Sunset Ridge and he’ll be ready to redeem himself.  We know underneath that kind hearted smile there is an eager rider waiting to stand on the podium.  We’ll be there to celebrate.

Cody Ford (Foreman) ended the weekend winning Production A moto 2 and taking the OVERALL for the weekend and earning his first podium of 2017.  As mentioned in an earlier post, Cody’s ability to get faster as the races progress will be important this season and it happened in Moto 2 of Production A where he had to make his move.  After some rough motos on Saturday and a few mistakes, he realized he needed to hunker down and focus in order to win on Sunday.  Mission accomplished.

Jacob Stevens (777) knows how important the gate drop is, and he realized this weekend that once he gets the holeshot he is hard to beat.  Jacob also enjoyed his first visit to the podium in 2017 as he won the College class from beginning to end in both motos.  Congrats!

Bryce Ford even threw on some gear and hopped on his quad to practice for the first time on a national level since his accident on March 1st.  He felt both smooth and solid during his practice, but realized he needs to spend a little more time building the muscles that were lost over his three month recovery.  And thanks to some powerful advice from the pros, he decided to wait a little longer to engage in a race.  However, the love of the sport was not lost during his down time and he wants nothing more than to be on the track with his fellow competitors. 

Nick Gennusa (Jersey Boy) finished 5th overall in the Pro class and that was quite an accomplishment.  After giving all of the pros a head start, Nick worked his way through the entire pack to take the 5th overall spot.  He’s not excited about his finish, but it was impressive due to the amount of work it took to catch everyone that had a head start.

Brandon O’Neil made his first trip to the podium as well this year in the Open B class.  This was no easy task.  Brandon was in 2nd place and on the hunt the entire race and was able to take the lead just seconds before reaching the checkered flag, leaving all of us gasping for air at the end.  He also finished 2nd place in the 450 B class behind winner Brogan Guyer (the Mover) who hit the infamous uphill triple and soared to the lead in both the Production B and 450 B classes, making it look effortless.  Both of these riders were amazing!

Gage Scaletti (Gabe Spaghetti) now a seasoned podium speaker, took two trips to the top this weekend winning both 450 C and Production C.  Gage is leading both 450 C and Production C classes.

Cash Harsche ($$$) who turned 8 last round, must have figured out that the age matching your race number is the secret and knocked out a 1st overall in the 50 CVT class and his first of the 2017 season.  He also followed it up with a second overall in 50 Open class.

Damon Smids (Canada) traveled back to Canada and had zero seat time in between rounds.  This didn’t seem to matter much, as Damon finished a strong 4th overall in the Open B class and with a little more seat time this summer, will be a front runner.

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors that support our love of the sport, Baldwin, JB Racing, Fly, Maxxis, JSR Designs, PEP Shocks, PMP Sprockets, The Program, SSi, Amped, and all the other great people in the sport including the families that donate their time and money to help the sport be what it is today.