ATV Motocross

Competition Bulletin 2017-5: ATVMX Race Orders Clarification

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 | 12:40 PM

TO: 2017 Wiseco ATVMX Participants


DATE: May 10, 2017


ATVMX Race Orders Clarification

The Ironman ATVMX National scheduled for this weekend, May 13 and 14, will continue to be an even round for the amateur race order.

For the remainder of the season, events previously classified as an odd or even round will remain how they were advertised. Click HERE for the 2017 race orders.

Odd Rounds: Underground, High Point, Muddy Creek, Spring Creek, Red Bud

Even Rounds: Monster Mountain, Ironman, Sunset Ridge, Unadilla, and Loretta Lynn’s