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Site Lap: Happy Holidays!

Site Lap: Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 | 4:45 PM
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 | 4:45 PM

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and for me it was another busy week. As many of you know I have spent the better part of the past two Thanksgiving Holiday decades at the Thor Winter Olympics at Gatorback Cycle Park in Florida. It was the 45th annual run for the event and the place has made some major upgrades with the addition of a new track in addition to what was already there. The pine grove located behind the supercross track was harvested and it presented promoters with a whole new opportunity that was actually pretty cool.

Keep us informed of your 2017 season plans! Tag @atvmotocross and use #ATVMX on social media for us to know!
Keep us informed of your 2017 season plans! Tag @atvmotocross and use #ATVMX on social media for us to know! Photo: Ken Hill

I left the “Mini-O’s” early on Friday to attend the GNCC Night of Champions in Morgantown, WV where we celebrated the record breaking 2016 season. To say it was a busy week and my head was spinning on Sunday morning may be a bit of an understatement. I have been busy getting some things together and hope to be releasing a new wave of episodes of Quad-Radio in the coming days. As everyone knows it’s a busy time of year and trying to do a little extra can get consuming sometimes but there is so much happening race world we have to check it out.

Recently I have had a few words dropped my way of some impending changes. John Natalie has some news coming soon; Thomas Brown, Root River and many may have read the release from the new AMPED/Vossman Racing team announced recently. So its apparent things are happening and it is just going to be a matter of pinning folks down. 

Joe Byrd had surgery recently and is recovering well. I sent a message to him to inquire about how things were and they were all positive. As in Joe Byrd fashion I get a message back with a photo of him and a few ladies by his bedside. He, of course, with his neck brace and such but you could tell he was eating up the attention. Hey, who can blame him?

John Natalie recently let some information out that he has some things in the works. It sounds like there may be some new things coming from his camp in 2017. I am not sure the full details but the idea doesn’t sound like anything to new just different and possibly knowing John Natalie even bigger. He is being a little tight lipped at the moment but so many are as I feel there could be some bigger news coming down the pike than we may even expect. Time is a cruel thing sometimes but at the end of this may be a very uplifting story about to develop.

Is anyone out there ready to get back to racing already? 
Is anyone out there ready to get back to racing already?  Photo: Ken Hill

Thomas Brown is also being a little tight-lipped at the moment. I know there are some changes coming and basically we must wait for the results of this saga unfolding. I for one love not knowing because it gives me time to speculate and create some anticipation. Thomas is currently in Southern California testing with the folks at DASA. He said that his rig was for sale and that there were some major changes in his program for next year. The main change we may recognize is he will be not be bringing his own stuff to the track. He will be showing up to the track separate from his equipment. So whatever the deal he has to announce it sounds like things are moving in a different direction in his program and it will be interesting to see what transpires. 

The “Big news” coming out of the Root River Racing camp soon according to reports I got earlier this morning. I can say this though, it is pretty typical for Rich Gillette who never seems to do anything small. Last season was another phenomenal season for the team, but like we have seen change is inevitable and Rich is one that embraces it as good as anyone we know. He has told us that big changes were needed and that is exactly what is taking place. “New location, staff changes, new rider support program and a new out look at the sport.” Look for the full press release soon. 

That’s going to do it for me for now, so let’s check in with Gloop’s Loop. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.

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