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Site Lap: Another Off-Season Week Rolls By

Site Lap: Another Off-Season Week Rolls By

Thursday, November 3, 2016 | 1:00 PM
Thursday, November 3, 2016 | 1:00 PM

Another week rolls by in the ATV Racin’ Nation and all seems quiet. There are some rumbles here and there and we wait with baited breathe for the next big break in news for the upcoming 2017 ProX ATV Motocross National Championship season. This is has to be the toughest part of the season for race fans as news doesn't seem to come nearly as fast as we want. Fear not though the floodgates will eventually open and the news will be abundant. 

Pointing out those good lines...
Pointing out those good lines... Photo: Ken Hill

As the season seems to trudge on the plan is to rev back up in the coming days. There we will be able to catch up on what's going on and hopefully shake the information tree a little to at least satisfy our thirst for ATV news. You can check past interviews there now and be looking for new ATVMX and GNCC interviews. As well to satisfy your desires for watching some cool action check out Gloop keeps a very deep arsenal of videos to keep one very busy reliving some of the greatest moments of the past seasons. And as always you can go back and watch and check out the archived live races and all the past MAVTV episodes of Pro AMA ATV Motocross. So our thirst can be quenched and we do have plenty to keep the fire burning. 

This past weekend many of the ATV racing world made their way to Crawfordsville, IN for the 22nd running of the Ironman GNCC. It was a record-breaking event and has been deemed as the largest off-road race ever in the U.S. and likely the world. Saturday's ATV racing boasted over 1,000 entries and over 620 of them were in the morning race alone. It was the most ATVs I have ever seen myself racing at one time and was a sight to behold. I saw many familiar ATVMX faces and a few even raced. Chance Nekola, Max Lindquist and Jeremy Ladonne were among those racing and everyone I talked to there was blown away at the magnitude of the event. It was very impressive. 

The ATVMX Pro-Am riders, who is moving up and who is staying? Find out more in the upcoming editions of Site Lap.
The ATVMX Pro-Am riders, who is moving up and who is staying? Find out more in the upcoming editions of Site Lap. Photo: Ken Hill

As far as Westley Wolfe’s year end results goes, he had a shot at second in the XC2 Pro Am class but had some mechanical issues and settled for third in the championship. It was a highly competitive seasons that brought some intense racing. It is said that Westley is seriously considering another move up in GNCC to XC1 Pro. So with that Westley will then be a Pro Rookie in both GNCC and ATVMX. Wouldn't it be something if he go rookie of the year in both disciplines! I think it should be possible but competition will be stiff as both are expecting an influx of riders in each of the premier classes. 

The ATVMX world saw another name from our world topping the ranks in GNCC this weekend and season as far as that goes. Former nationals competitors Cody Hill and his brother Hunter have been racing the UTV and 4x4 Pro classes in GNCC. Cody won the 4x4 Pro class on Saturday morning then went out and wrapped up the UTV National Championship. Hunter finished second behind him and the Miller brothers wrapped up an amazing season of racing signaling T their arrival back to the national’s scene. 

That’s about all I have for now. However I would like to remind you to let us know here at if you have any news to pass along. You can email me as well [email protected] for any stories, news or information you'd like to pass along.

Let’s check into Gloop's Loop and with Ken “clean kill” Hill. Till next time, God Bless Your Hearts and All Your Vital Organs.

In The Loop with Gloop:


Zach Kaczmarzyk has been preparing for a rebuild this off-season for the upcoming 2017 season! 


Looks like Cam Covil has something in the works for next year and liquidating his fleet...

Keeping up with Ken Hill:

I could make up some stuff for this weeks Site Lap, but that would be a load of bull. The last round of the GNCC series is just as crazy as the opening round and in many ways more so! A record number of fans and riders hit Crawfordsville as turn out busted records made at Unadilla, so now we will have to see how New York responds to being second! Holy cow was there ever a turnout! There are a few rounds that always have strong attendance and I can usually tell by how slow I can zip around the pits and parking, it is like rush hour traffic and Ironman was pretty bad however the facility is so big and has nice roadways that it is more like a slow down than a traffic jam. 

Chad Wienen earned his fifth championship this year, will he be able to make it 6 next season?
Chad Wienen earned his fifth championship this year, will he be able to make it 6 next season? Photo: Ken Hill

The racing was solid and the weather really gave us a hand, because if that place gets rain its a mess as we all know from our own ATVMX events that are held at Ironman Raceway. With over 2100 or so racers and 10,000 people, trucks, cars and rigs a good downpour would be a very bad thing! Those numbers are really close; maybe the office can nail down what we had and use it in a caption. The lack of any real rain leading up to the event also made the steep hills and slick soil way more manageable and kept the races flowing. 894 morning bike racers would be insane if it was knee-deep mud! 

Office note: 2,443 riders, and over 13,000 spectators through the whole AMSOIL Ironman GNCC weekend in Crawfordsville, Indiana. 

The U.S. Trophy Team was onhand at the AMSOIL Ironman GNCC to help present the trophy to the USA fans!
The U.S. Trophy Team was onhand at the AMSOIL Ironman GNCC to help present the trophy to the USA fans! Photo: Ken Hill

Now the coolest part of the weekend for me had to be the ceremony Saturday evening where the ISDE trophy was brought out to show the racing nation what it looks like and what it means as for the first time in the ISDE history the USA team brought home the win and the trophy! The team’s win was historical and the riders rode great in Spain to make the red white and blue proud! The crowd was mixed with all types of fans from all styles of GNCC racing, as everyone wanted to cheer them on for their hard fought victory! 

One more weekend on the road and of course, it is right back to Indiana then after that I can call it a season and what a season it has been. It really does seem that just last month we were basking in that warm Florida sun getting ready for the gate to drop at Daytona. I am not sure if time flying is a good thing, but as I get older it seems to keep picking up steam and shows no signs of slowing down. With being so busy this past week I have had almost no chance to watch social media to see how you all are doing, but caught a few posts here and there that tell me 2017 is already underway! The secrecy will start overtaking riders and teams as new deals are worked on and changes in sponsorship occur throughout the series making for some dead areas when it comes to talking with people in the industry in the off-season. 2017 is going to be epic of this I have no doubt! 

Looking back at last year's ATVMX season...
Looking back at last year's ATVMX season... Photo: Ken Hill

That is all from me this week, be safe in your travels, racing and God bless you all!