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Wednesday, July 27, 2016 | 1:05 PM
Wednesday, July 27, 2016 | 1:05 PM

The ProX ATV Motocross National Championship presented by CST Tires, an AMA National Championship, heads into its final stretch this weekend at the highly anticipated… RedBud! I'm not really sure if folks love the place as much as they love screaming the “REDBUD” chant, but one thing for certain has always proven to be a great race. It's the penultimate round for the amateurs which also means we may see a few more championships wrapped up. The points are getting interesting and consistency and the best performances that can be given will be the keys to winning this weekend. To say interesting is understatement about what this and the coming final rounds bring to one of the most monumental seasons in our history of ATV racing. 

Can Wienen get another overall win this weekend at RedBud?
Can Wienen get another overall win this weekend at RedBud? Photo: Ken Hill

I spent this week in the summer heat at Loretta Lynn’s. I come down a couple of weeks early and adapt myself to the climate. I announce in sweats and a hoody and won't even turn the AC on in the tower, it's grueling but part of “the program.” I am obviously being a little goofy about the announcer training, but I am at Loretta’s to build the sound system for the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Amateur National Championship, which preludes “the world’s greatest ATV racing vacation” which we know and love as Dirt Days.

Incase you're wondering, it is hot. If the pattern holds every bit of heat training you do and have done it could pay off in huge dividends. I know a number folks have been preparing for rounds like this all summer. There has been some heat, but not what you can expect at Loretta’s. Make sure the entire family is well hydrated this weekend at RedBud and as well for Loretta’s. It will be crucial to make it through this intensity. 

My plan is to head to RedBud on Thursday night which means I should make Friday practice. Folks don't realize it but I really like those days. It's not because I don't have to talk a lot either. It is actually a chance to see what people are doing. Often times in practice I have noticed the coming of riders well before the results start showing. It is a time when riders feel less stress so their real potential can sometimes shine through and that's what I look for on those days. Some times one may not find the confidence that is needed for race days but often tie s are just fun to watch all the talent on the track at one time. 

Our amateur racers have started to claim their championships, just two more rounds before all of their championships are decided!
Our amateur racers have started to claim their championships, just two more rounds before all of their championships are decided! Photo: Ken Hill

Speaking of talent and championships, congratulations are in order to the Schoolboy Jr. 13-15 champion Brandon Hoag. Brandon is a relative quiet newcomer to the championship, it was actually Brandon’s second year at the nationals and he could not be more stoked about his results. Brandon has quite an interesting story, so if you log onto’s Facebook page or Soundcloud channel you can hear it for yourself. It is certainly worth a listen and this kid is quite an remarkable individual. 

As the season finale approaches at Loretta's don't forget to let folks know that RacerTV will broadcast live once again this year. We will start early like at High Point and feature as much Amateur racing as possible. Make sure to follow @RacerTV on social media and share and repost all things coming. More details will follow. 

Rastrelli had a great weekend at Unadilla, can he get his first win of the season in Michigan?
Rastrelli had a great weekend at Unadilla, can he get his first win of the season in Michigan? Photo: Ken Hill

Also don't forget the Youth Contingency Program and 88 Live to Ride fundraisers at Loretta's as well. There should be plenty to keep you busy through the weekend.

I got a note from Nick Moser. Sounds like he and a few have been busy this past two weeks.

Hey Rodney! 

Moser here at Dream Camp, not much service but we're able to get a message out here and there! So far so good with all the students. There very excited to have some pros here like Chad Wienen, Joe Byrd, Dustin Wimmer, Nick Gennussa, and myself. They days are pretty spread out, 3-4 training sessions a day. Sometimes there 2 hours sometimes they’re an hour. Either way the kids get plenty of learning time while they're here. They really listen especially the younger ones. They are so excited the entire time they are here it's just awesome! I had a couple 1 on 1's the first day and have more planned throughout the week. With me being hurt it makes it a little more difficult to be able to show the riders how or what needs to be done. So I just go slower and make it look good haha. Dan and Amanda really do a great job with this, but they also couldn't do it with out all the staff. There is a lot of preparation and hard work that goes into this week that I don't think many people understand! I can't wait to be back next year. Hopefully I will be back racing at Loretta’s and the rest of the big races this year. I'll see you at RED BUD! 

That’ll do it for me for now. Let's check in with Gloop's Loop and with Ken “the shade tree hunter” Hill. Till next time God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs. 

In The Loop with Gloop:

It's always good knowing your going to race at your home track for the weekend!
It's always good knowing your going to race at your home track for the weekend! Photo: Ken Hill
Chad is putting in the work before RedBud.
Chad is putting in the work before RedBud. Photo: Ken Hill

Keeping up with Ken Hill:

Well it is that time of year where we see the season coming to an end and it is always bittersweet. With the final two rounds upon us, the amateur classes will be pressing hard to wrap up championships as we face two of the toughest tracks of the season. First up is Redbud, which can be a brutal track as the loose soil gives way to braking bumps and ruts that provide a huge challenge in just about every class. Also, the chance of a thunderstorm could make things go from brutal to nasty, and could make for a weekend of testing ones patience as a muddy moto could make or break a championship season! 

Do you think Joel Hetrick will chip away at the 22 point deficit he has in Michigan? 
Do you think Joel Hetrick will chip away at the 22 point deficit he has in Michigan?  Photo: Ken Hill

Speaking of championships, Troy Hill had a great weekend at Spring Creek and rolled into Unadilla primed for success. Hill killed it and left New York with 4 moto wins and secured the championship in the Youth All Star and Schoolboy Sr classes! That is quite an accomplishment folks, a great job by not only Troy but also everyone behind him so join me in wishing him a huge job well done! I recall in Florida prior to the season opener, the Hill camp was focused and stated this was going to be their season and it sure was! 

Megan Shepherd put the wraps on another WXC championship after a weekend high on emotion. Just about everyone knows her husband Luke went down over the sky shot and was injured during practice. After getting him to the hospital and making sure he was going to be ok, Megan came back to Unadilla, strapped on her boots and closed the door on that number one plate! If that won’t test a marriage, I don’t know what will. I would say that racing has given Megan the ability to adapt and overcome and deal with high stress as she kept her mind on track and got the job done and again, she has earned the kudos that come along with another championship as well as a job well done balancing racing and the hubby! Now if it seems I am being a bit light on the serious tone it is because Luke is on the mend and will be fine as long as he doesn’t drive Megan crazy while he heals up! I know the entire racing nation wishes nothing but the best for Luke and we all hope and pray his recovery is quick. 

The Fierce Powersports riders had a solid weekend at Unadilla and are always a blast to keep tabs on during the weekend. Braden Shiamone clinched the 125-class championship, and he did it by winning all but one race that he attended this season! That takes some hustle and a team that keeps things rolling round after round, great job Braden! Trevor Thatcher put in an awesome weekend of racing taking all six moto wins in Supermini, 90 Open Sr and 90 Shifter!

We can't wait to see you on the starting line!
We can't wait to see you on the starting line! Photo: Ken Hill

I hope everyone caught the RacerTV recap video released earlier this week showcasing the action from Unadilla. The guys did a great job capturing this event and showing just how intense that first moto was. Also be sure to spread the word about the MAVTV episodes that are now rolling out so we can continue to spread the word about what we are all about.  In today’s technology world, more information is viewed on cell phones, laptops and the like so dismissing the power we have at our fingertips is a lame excuse for not supporting what we do have. You don’t just jump and not know where you will land and the strides made so far are incredible, but they need one thing and that is your support. It starts with you and how you portray things via social media or when face to face with sponsors and fans. They cue off of your lead and if you are negative they will follow, trust me. 

And the stress you put on the very ones who have supported you for years is insane when they read that their work is being dismissed as something other than what it is and that is the ONLY televised support you have at every round season after season! It is funny how a few sentences of negativity can trash a decade of sacrifice so think just a bit before your fingers crush some of the best supporters you have in your corner at all times. Constructive criticism not withstanding, maybe ask how you can help or jump in with some good advice or suggestions as every bit of it is absorbed and passed on.

Which three will be spraying champagne on the podium at
Which three will be spraying champagne on the podium at "REDBUDDDD?" Photo: Ken Hill

Now, looking ahead to Redbud and the Pro class. Once again its anyone’s game especially if we catch a mudder or even a wet moto. The points are razor thin and neither Hetrick nor Wienen can afford a mistake so the pressure will be on! There are several riders still capable of stealing the thunder as this track is total torture on the pro quads and anything can happen that throws us into a crazy race. Sometimes, as a fan, that is what I wish for but I have to think the top two are wanting to get in there and put in their best efforts and come away with something positive no matter how it plays out. So hold on people, we may be in for another high intensity race this weekend and who knows what the outcome will be! 

That is all from me this week as I finish gearing up for 10 days of insanity as I travel to Redbud then to Loretta Lynn’s for the Amateur National and then back to the ranch for the ATVMX. Lots of driving, hard work and hopefully some fun mixed in between the chaos. Its all good, over the years I have figured out how to tame Loretta’s as this event brings in thousands upon thousands who clamor about in what seems like an unorganized mess to those attending for the first time. It amazes me how well things usually flow though as everyone who works these events knows their job and does it well so here is looking towards a successful three event run for all involved! You all be safe racing and of course in your travels, God bless