ATV Motocross

Janssen Primed and Ready for Big Performance at Sunset Ridge

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 | 10:15 AM

For the first time ever, the AMA ATV Motocross Nationals traveled to the dream-like hills of Monster Mountain MX Park in central Alabama, bringing the world’s greatest ATV motocross athletes to the beautiful facility. It was a surreal weekend for reigning ATV Derby Pro World Champion Cody Janssen has he graced the event t-shirts and plaques for the first time in his career! Janssen and his crew looked forward to this being the start to a great race weekend.

After much preparation, Janssen would have som unfortunate luck in both pro motos. 
After much preparation, Janssen would have som unfortunate luck in both pro motos.  Photo: Courtesy of Janssen

Janssen, former AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year, came into Monster Mountain feeling more prepared than he had felt for any other race in recent memory. He spent the week prior to the event in Indiana training at FMX Paradise Track and it showed as he qualified in the front of the pack, but all that preparation wouldn’t ultimately show up in the box score unfortunately. In both Pro motos Cody turned good lap times while racing up through the pack, but in both motos a setback would shape the race for the #25. In moto 1, Janssen must’ve managed to snag a rock, halting his charge, crushing his chain slider and derailing his chain; in moto 2 an aggressive pass inside the top ten backfired and saw the #25 need to remount and re-fire the machine before finishing the race. Cody Janssen was able to finish both races and get a handful of points, but the box score wouldn’t show the preparation, effort, or speed on this day.

Janssen was featured on the 2016 Monster Mountain ATVMX National t-shirt.
Janssen was featured on the 2016 Monster Mountain ATVMX National t-shirt. Photo: Courtesy of Janssen

Janssen was poised for a big day and a big performance in Sunday’s premier Pro Am racing, but all races were cancelled due to rain and track flooding.

“Yesterday was tough, just the way it played out.” Janssen admitted post-race. “I felt so fast on this track, a got to do a bunch of riding last week but I feel unfinished not getting to put that on display. Then with Pro Am getting rained out, that took my chance of redemption for the weekend away. It is what it is, we’re going to come out swinging at Sunset Ridge. That’s my home track, it feels like my backyard! We’ll be ready.”

The plaques also featured Janssen on them. 
The plaques also featured Janssen on them.  Photo: Courtesy of Janssen

Cody’s run at podiums and race wins wouldn’t be possible without the great care and support of the people that continue to back him. He must thank his parents/family and the rest of the Janssen Motorsports crew; Thank you to the Londerville family and Londerville Steel for stepping up for Cody when he needed it most. Thank you to Elka Suspension for their support of the #25, phenomenal products and people. Also, thanks to Jay at Impact Solutions, Maxxis Tires, SSI Decals, Walsh Racecraft, Valvoline, Koster Racing, FMF, Pivot Works, Hinson Clutch Components, DP Brakes, Thor MX, 100%, E-Z UP, Cliff Cox and Oshkosh Tattoo and Good Girl Piercing, Risk Racing, Napa of Peru, Indiana; Pafford EMS, FourWerx Carbon, Sconnie Nation, 1st Endurance, Piping Service INC., DT-1 Filters, Sunstar Sprockets, D.I.D Chains, Galfer USA, Rath Racing, Renthal, Works Connection, 4Arm Strong, Don Straus, Pro-Tec, PHC Coatings, Jeremy Edwards at Edwards Auctioneering, Corey Garrison at Parts Unlimited, Evans Coolant, Terry Moore, Kay Gunn PT, Ken Hill, Frank Vallone and family, his phenomenal mechanics (Joel Janssen, Todd Blom, Haley Davis and Dan Binder), Ken Hill always for the photos, and everyone else that supports him. The Janssen team is like a set of gears, Joel and Lisa Janssen along with Haley Davis (girlfriend) make Cody and his racing successful, it wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of them.

Cody Janssen and the #25 are primed and ready for a huge performance at Sunset Ridge, see you there! God bless.