ATV Motocross

Media Allstars Prepare for Muddy Creek

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 | 4:00 PM

April 22nd is just a few short days away and by the time Friday rolls around we should be firmly planted in the mountains of east Tennessee.  Muddy Creek Raceway has been a staple for not just ATV Motocross but just about any and every Motocross racer in the South has ate his or her fair share of that loamy sawdust filled soil at one point in their racing career.  While the opening round of the series in Texas offered sandy soil, huge air and multiple racing lines to choose from, Muddy Creek will start out loamy and quickly turn to blue groove.

With just a portion of our team in attendance for round 1 we expect to be at full strength for round 2.  Several of our riders look to build on the success they had in Texas.  Brandon Cesaroni would love to take a few overalls home in the B class after winning 2 motos and getting on the podium in both his Production B and 450B classes.  Zach Kaczmarzyk looks to gain some more confidence after getting his feet wet with 2 nice performances in both the Pro Sport and the Pro-Am classes. Juan David Lopez will be trying to get the hang of the speed and pace of American National ATVMX racing.  Michael Perkins is trying to bounce back after a hard crash in his Production A debut, he’s got the speed and with a couple of good starts making the podium in Tennessee shouldn’t be a problem for the #94 machine.

1 PERKINSMichael Perkins has put in the work now he just needs his luck to improve


Kobe and Kazin VanFossen hope to land on the podium once again in the youth ranks, pretty sure their father hopes that it doesn’t cost him 2 motors to do so again this weekend.  Several riders will be making either their season debut or team debut in Tennessee.  Josh Holley has been a Media Allstar since 2011 but as a youth rider…well Josh is on the big bikes now.  Holley plans to race a couple of C classes this season aboard his TC Racing Engines powered Honda and don’t be surprised to see this young talented rider running up front this season.  Team Captain Chase Cunningham will also be racing for the first time in 2016 and after 9 years (yes 9 years) aboard a Suzuki LTR450 he has made the jump to a Honda for 2016.  He hopes the switch will get him back up on the podium this season.

1 bike419Chase Cunningham hopes that switching to Honda will result in a few podiums


Another rider not only making her season debut but her Media Allstar debut this weekend will be Emily Saieva.  Emily plans to race several of the youth classes on her 90 and she’ll also be racing the School Girl class aboard her new custom 250cc machine.  We look forward to seeing what this young lady can do this season…we’ve had some success with fast women in the past (Angela Moore, Brittany Snider).

1 emaily2The #411 of Emily Saieva sure looks fast!


It’s a long season but we’re just as excited for round 2 as we were for round 1!  We look forward to seeing everyone in Tennessee and remember Muddy Creek Raceway is probably the best track on the circuit to spectate so come out and enjoy some 4 wheeled motocross this weekend you won’t regret it!