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Site Lap: Kickng Off The Season

Site Lap: Kickng Off The Season

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 | 3:25 PM
Wednesday, March 16, 2016 | 3:25 PM

The dust begins to settle now from the road as I made my way home from the 2016 race season, which kicked off from the Daytona Bike Week celebrations. There are two days of GNCC in Palatka followed by two days at the world famous Daytona International Speedway for the Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross and Fly Racing ATV Supercross. Then it was off to Georgia for the inaugural Maxxis Cannonball GNCC and then finally home. All in all now that it’s over it is time to focus on the opening round of ATV Motocross National Championship presented by CST an AMA National Championship and its full steam ahead into 2016.

The ATV Supercross gave us a lot of excitement for what is to come this season. 
The ATV Supercross gave us a lot of excitement for what is to come this season.  Photo: Ken Hill

The ATVSX gave us a lot to be excited about from both the AMA Pro ATV racers and the amateurs. We may not have seen all the classes but there were enough that we could see that there will be some of the best racing across the board that we have ever seen in the series. I was blown away by so many that it is really hard to describe what I witnessed. It was almost a coming of age for some and for others a glimpse into what could be. The “new era” of ATV racing is building momentum and the talent it brings carries with it an excitement we have not seen in this sport in a long time.

As we know from history, the fate of ATV racing is in a delicate position but seemingly more resilient than some may give it credit. If you are reading this then you likely understand what I am saying as you are as big a fan and believer of the sport as I am. And if not then I believe that you may likely still agree that what has been mentioned in the past that in order for the any organization to truly be successful there has to be firm grass roots system in play for it to happen. So in order for ATV racing to survive we must grow our sport from the bottom up. And that is where great organizations like Tex-Homa Quad Racing Association (TQRA), the Lone Star Quad Racing Association (LSQR), New England ATV (NEATV), Quad-X, North West Quadcross and of course S.E. Quads to name a few have really helped to fuel the sport to new and greater levels. As they become stronger then the sport as a whole becomes stronger and it makes the ATVMX nationals even stronger.

The racing battles were epic in Florida, whose ready to see how it goes at the Texas ATV Motocross National?
The racing battles were epic in Florida, whose ready to see how it goes at the Texas ATV Motocross National? Photo: Ken Hill

The local/regional series have seen some growth recently and the future looks to be a continuing trend barring no more fiscal disasters like nearly a decade ago. Races like the ATV Challenge in memory of Caleb Moore, which brings big purses, and lots of interests are something we need to see happening more. This year I understand the purse looking to be at least $50,000.00 and will be spread out from Pros to amateur gift cards and such. It’s an amazing event and I know the Ford Family of John, Robin, Cody and Bryce along with several other families in the TQRA work exceptionally hard to make this event special and work to build it to make it even better than before. Information on the 4th annual ATV Pro Challenge in memory of Caleb Moore will be available soon I understand and we will pass any information we can when it becomes available.

Another race you may be interested in may not bolster the big money purses such as the challenge does at the moment but what it does do is offer you a great opportunity to pre ride the newest track on the ATVMX nationals schedule. That’s right Monster Mountain MX is offering the ATV Racin’ Nation a unique opportunity to train and ride leading up to the kickoff to the 2016 amateur championship. The folks at S.E. Quads will host round one of their season there on April 2nd and 3rd followed by a week of training opportunity being deemed as “Quad Spring Break” April 2 though the April 8.

Soon the ATVMX Series will be taking off in Texas.
Soon the ATVMX Series will be taking off in Texas. Photo: Ken Hill

Monster Mountain is one of the premier tracks on the east coast, some say possibly even in the nation. This upcoming SE Quads event is your only opportunity to get some quality track time on the Monster before the ATV National being held there in June. The guys say its features include near perfect dirt, a fast flowing layout, and jumps like the "Stairway to Heaven," "Sasquatch" and "Godzilla," “Monster Mountain is a track that will have you wanting to come back every opportunity you get”, say the S.E. Quads boys, “so we suggest you don't miss this one!!!”

This event is being held exactly one week before the ATV National at the beautiful Underground MX in Kemp, TX. The folks at SE Quads organized this event with one thing in mind, the riders! SE Quads understands that track time is critical, especially in the early stages of the season. Therefore this event was organized to serve two purposes for the riders. First, to get you some seat time on this awesome track before the upcoming National being held there. Second, to give you an awesome facility to train at before the National at Underground MX the following weekend. So come on out to "Quad Spring Break" with SE Quads and Monster Mountain MX April 2-8!

In addition to their normal quad classes, which can be found at or on the SE Quads Facebook page, they will also be offering 2 SXS classes at this event. A UTV Amateur class and a UTV Unlimited class.

After earning the Pro-Am Championship last year, Nick Gennusa will be focusing soley on the Pro class this year.
After earning the Pro-Am Championship last year, Nick Gennusa will be focusing soley on the Pro class this year. Photo: Ken Hill

Here's the week's schedule...

-Saturday April 2nd - SE Quads Practice day

-Sunday April 3rd - SE Quads Round #1

-Monday April 4th-Friday April 8th "Quad Spring Break!" Fully prepped all week. Come for the SE Quads event and you'll be able to stay and train for Underground MX all while familiarizing yourself with the beast before the inaugural Monster Mountain MX ATV National!

Monster Mountain MX is located at
3170 Burt Mill Rd
Tallassee, AL 36078

To reserve your hookup site call Tom at (334) 318-8475 or Tommy at (334) 202-1504.

That’s it from me for now. Let’s check into Gloop’s Loop and with Ken “Glad To Be Back Home’ Hill. Till next time God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.

In the Loop with Gloop:


Jeffreys reaction to his podium finish was amazing to witness!


Thomas Brown thought Daytona was "a hit once again." 


Chad Wienen came away with the win, and celebrated with quite a great fist pump over the finish line. 

Keeping up with Ken Hill:

Can you believe the Fly Racing Daytona ATVSX is already a week behind us? That entire race is a blur for so many as we dive head first into the new season with three back to back nationals for those of us that work both the ATVMX and GNCC series. Thirty one days is what I ended up spending on the road leading up to and completing those first three rounds and I know I am not alone when I state that there is no place like home!

Joel Hetrick had some good battles in Daytona.
Joel Hetrick had some good battles in Daytona. Photo: Ken Hill

I know I wasn't alone in being thankful the ATVSX went off pretty well and we can get back to the regular schedule of things. The stress that those of us who works these events face seem to match what many of you face during your travels and the stress alone can make for a miserable trip when you have a bad day on the track. Fear not, you are indeed not alone and as usual, when one of us is a feeling down and out someone usually reaches in and help us in one form or another; it is what family is all about! Be thankful you can read this and plan for another round!

The social media hype leading to the ATVSX was pretty good and the fallout from it was what kept me going when I had a chance to scroll through it all. I haven't had the pleasure of re-watching the race via RacerTV but intend on taking tomorrow off to recharge batteries and further catch up on the motocross side of things. It is kind of funny but it seems to me that the more info that is available puts me further out of the loop! It is a good thing though, I know many of you spent the miles driving updating and posting info that helps us continue to spread the word and for that I thank you all.

Chad Wienen earned his first of the year at Daytona this year.
Chad Wienen earned his first of the year at Daytona this year. Photo: Ken Hill

It was pretty cool catching a glimpse of the GNCC racers here and there as they cruised the Daytona pits and hung out in the stands to see how you all get things done. I still haven't decided what is more intense, flying high over a huge jump or going through tight trees at match 2! I sort of hope that decision never is settled for me simply because I admire the skills, dedication and determination it takes to compete at virtually every level in both styles of racing. I even know a few of the GNCC racers, who not only made it to Daytona they also raced it! Saturday had them shredding the sand whoops in Palatka at the GNCC and then hustles over to have the chance to race this incredible event at a location that bleeds racing history. Nick Royalty and Rick Zhorne both made the jump as well as Westley Wolf who everyone knows is almost super human and runs both series. I plan on getting their take on the event for next weeks Site Lap so tune back in to see what they thought of it all.

Until next year Daytona!
Until next year Daytona! Photo: Ken Hill

That’s all from me as I am literally ready to just pass out as I put the finishing touches on my end of the first three national events of 2016. If I missed saying hello or failed to hear you holler at me from the stands I apologize! The grandstand was packed and there were so many people it was quite the spectacle and hard to see who was where! You all have an enjoyable and safe weekend and we will see you real soon, round two is coming up quick!