ATV Motocross

2016 Team SSR Announcement

Monday, February 1, 2016 | 11:30 AM

Team SSR is a team assembled by team owners Matt & Amber Smittle along with team manager Kevin Smitley. The team was put together to bring together several different riders from different parts of the country although primarily it is a Pennsylvania based team.

Our team consists of 7 riders, 2 Pros, 3 Amateurs and 2 youth.

Nick Moser #77 is one of our Pro riders, anybody who has been around knows that Nick is a household name, he has always had the drive and passion for ATV Motocross and is one of the premier names in the sport, Nick will be making his full season comeback this year after his terrible crash at Briarcliff in 2014. He has been working extremely hard with Dominic Sumpolec (The Program) to get back to 100% , he is also doing some training down south as well. Look to see Nick charging back to the front of the pack for 2016!

Wes Lewis #79 is our other Pro rider, and will also be making his presence felt in the Pro Am class as well. Wes is going to be a new comer to the Pro ranks for 2016, but make no mistakes, his name will become a household name quickly. Wes is a very down to earth guy with a lot of talent, he is also working with Dominic on The Program making sure he is in the best physical shape of his life. we starting watching Wes in the winter of 2014 as we was training in the same indoor facility as he was, he caught our eye.  knowing we was planning a team for 2016 we approached him mid season and talked to him about being part of SSR, we was very excited he excepted! Wes and Nick will make a great team tandem for the SSR team, both are great riders, surrounded by great familes, and will make an excellent fit for SSR.

Brandon Smitley #423 will be making his debut in B class, Brandon is a talented rider coming into his 13th season in ATV MX, staring his career on a 50 and now up into the B class. He finished the season in 2015 in the top 3 in C class, his season had a lot of issues from machine issues to health issues that kept him from really putting himself where he wanted to be, but still was able to come out with a top 3 posistion. He has also been working with Dominic on The Program, he is in the best shape of  his career, and is ready to put him and his 423 machine at the front of the pack!

Nick Moser is looking to make his return to ATVMX this season, since his terrible crash in 2014. Photo: Ken Hill
Nick Moser is looking to make his return to ATVMX this season, since his terrible crash in 2014. Photo: Ken Hill

Rian Smittle #168 will be making a lot of noise in C class for us, Rian is making the step up from the youth classes this year, watching him on the 450, he looks like he is right at home. Rian is another one of our seasoned riders, although he took a small break from the sport, he never lost his edge, he has a lot of talent and is looking to put it to work in 2016. Along with Nick, Wes, & Brandon, he is also working with Dominic to make sure he is in the best physical condition of his career, you add that with the talent and that equals a top performer, which we think he is. Rian is working extremely hard to make sure that the  168 machine is up front!

Aubre King #5 will be showing off  her skills in the Womens class, Aubre is a great young lady from Utah, that has a lot of  raw talent and a great family backing her. Aubre, along with all of our guys is also working with Dominic on The Program, and believe me, she gives everyone of the guys a run for their money, she is in great physical shape and with the help of  Nick & Wes and the rest of the team, she is ready to put the #5 machine up front and show off  her talent, and we are excited to be able to help her accomplish that along with her family. Aubre will also be stepping into another class that we have not released yet. Stay tuned for where the #5 machine will show up, coming to a theater near you!

Jake Visnic #55 will be making his presence felt in the Schooboy Jr. class. Jake is an extremely talented rider, with a few National Championships already under his belt. I have watched this kid grow into a very talented rider over the last  5 years. He has also got himself into great condition over this offseason, with various other sports. This will be his debut year on the 300, and he is more then ready for it. Watch out for the #55 machine to be putting on a charge for the Championship in the Schooboy Jr. class in 2016!

Kolton Smittle #77 will be showing off  his talents in the 70 & 90 classes this year. Kolton, the younger brother of Rian Smittle, will be making the move up to the 70 & 90 from the 50 class. This young man has the need for speed, along with his brother tutoring him he is ready to push his machines to the front and show off the talent he has. Look  for the #77 machine to turn a lot of  heads this year!

Bruno Holnaider will be our team mechanic along with Chris McCauley.

We are all EXTREMELY excited to get the team on the track for 2016, but even more excited to have the riders & families we have, we believe we have one of the best group of riders and families that can be put together and canBrut wait to spend this season together and watch all of our riders chase their dreams and goals, TO BE AN ATV MX CHAMPION!!!!!!

Here is a big shout out to all of our sponsors, without each and everyone of you, it would not be possible for our riders to do what they love to do so much, so THANK YOU!

A&M Satelite, B.A.K Transport, Xtreme Powdercoating, Quadified Racing Engines, FTR Powersports, Dasa, Fly, Fourwerx, Rekluse, Rath, The Program, Morgantown Powersports, Hetrick Racing, & Corrosion