ATV Motocross

2016 Team Salad Announcement

Monday, January 25, 2016 | 10:40 AM

Team Salad is a small team of family oriented riders from Northern Ohio sponsored by Sandridge Food Corporation a family owned Food Manufacturer from Medina, Ohio.

Grandma’s Original Recipes and Sandridge Food Corporation would like to introduce Team Salad 2016……

5 Riders are poised to compete in ATVMX National forum. Dan Hoisington, Zac Mikulski, Ty Campbell, Austin Fleming and Korie Richmond.

Dan Hoisington #71 will represent Team Salad in the Pro Am and Pro Sport category. In 2015 Dan started the year out by winning the 450A class at the inaugural Daytona SX race. At that point he decided it was time to pursue bigger dreams and push himself into the next level, with 1 year under his belt, he is training hard to be a contender in Pro Sport and Pro Am division.

Zac Mikulski #17 –Zac has ridden his way up the ranks, starting in Mini Quads to 4 Stroke. 2015 was his 1st official year racing the ATVMX Mt Dew National series of which he captured the Reserve Champion 450C title. 2016 will find Zac advancing into the 450B class applying all his hard work and determination he showed as a 450C rider into the 450B class.

Ty Campbell #4 Ty has been racing since he was 7 years old. From Mini quads to the Production C.  His determination and dreams will have him focusing on the podium for 2016.

Austin Fleming #99A will represent in the 450C category. Austin is a stellar student and applies his strength of mind and character to shoot for the stars!

Korie Richmond #23 has been racing for 6 years through the ranks of 70CVT, 90 CVT and 90 Mod. In 2016 he is planning on applying nothing but sheer determination to reach the podium in Schoolboy Jr, Schoolboy Sr and Youth All Star.

Our team consists of strong family and faith focused riders competing in the world that they love: ATV Motocross racing. Each rider brings a unique strength to the industry, each aspiring to succeed beyond their potential.  Our riders are dedicated and determined to be the best sportsmen, exhibit passion and recognize those who make it possible every day.

Contact information: [email protected]