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Media All-Stars Report: Another Successful Season

Thursday, October 22, 2015 | 4:40 PM

The 2015 season for the MX team has been over for a few months and our GNCC effort is about to wrap up in a few weeks.  When we started this roller coaster ride of a season the main goal for us as a team was to continue to show the ATV Racing world that there is a reason we’ve won more races, motos and championships than anyone else.  We turned heads all season long with our unique looking race machines, fans and enthusiasts gave us nothing but rave reviews at every round of the ATVMX Nationals.  The combination of the custom colored Lonestar Racing A-arms, 2 toned Maier fenders and SICK SSI Decals graphics kits, and made our machines hands down the best looking rides in the pits.  SSI decals also hooked us up with banners to complete our look and make sure that our sponsors got plenty of signage at each round of the series.  It’s pretty amazing that year in and year out we consistently have an amazing pit presence with a non existent budget, our theme is that we do more with less than anyone…and we feel we knock it out of the park every year.

Our 2015 bikes turned heads
Our 2015 bikes turned heads Photo: Courtesy of Media All-Stars

On the track in 2015 we had as much success as we’ve had in our history.  We may not have won every class or every race we entered but our season stats don’t lie.  As a team we saw 5 different riders take home an overall in 2015, we won 3 more National Championships to make it a cool 43 National Titles in our 12-year history.  Just to sum up the rest of 2015 and our team’s amazing history let these numbers sink in…

  • 2015 (total team history)
  • 3 national Championships  (43)
  • 27 Overall Wins (221)
  • Moto Wins 63 (513)
  • Overall Podiums 58 (1223)

That’s not even taking into account our GNCC, NEATV or TQRA numbers…that’s just the ATVMX Nationals!  We couldn’t be prouder of our riders and how they performed, adding to our numbers and cementing their place in the long line of super fast racers who helped us grow to be what we are today. 

SSI killed it on our race banners in 2015
SSI killed it on our race banners in 2015 Photo: Courtesy of Media All-Stars

Dane Heilman and Zach Kaczmarzyk earned us our 3 2015 National Championships by rolling through the competition.  Heilman didn’t loose a moto until round 4 racking up an impressive 8 straight wins in the 30+ class and 7 wins in the 25+ class as he dominated both classes all season long.  Kaczmarzyk may be hard to spell or even pronounce (ask Rodney Tomblin) but if you had to race against him you remembered that the #41 was fast.  The Illinois native and full time college student took a couple races to get rolling but once he did he rode lights out!  Zach accounted for 7 wins (3 Open B, 3 College, 1 Production B) and numerous podiums on his way to earning his first National Championship in super competitive the College Boy 16-24 class.  Kaczmarzyk also finished up 3rd in the Open B and 4th in the Production B class as he battled his teammates most of the season.  One of those teammates was Michael Perkins who edged Zach out for 2nd overall in the Open B class.  Perkins got consistently faster each and every round that he attended with his hard work coming to fruition as he took home his first National Win at Loretta Lynn’s this season.  Calen McGinty fought off bad luck and gremlins all season to earn himself a well deserved 3rd overall in Production A and 3rd overall in the 16-24 class.  Calen also won his class at the inaugural ATV Super Cross at Daytona International Speedway earlier this season.  Other team riders that landed on the podium at some point in 2015 were Brandon Cesaroni, Chase Cunningham, Brittany Snider and Jacob Snyder. 

It's only a matter of time before everyone knows how to spell this name!
It's only a matter of time before everyone knows how to spell this name! Photo: Courtesy of Media All-Stars

Our plans for 2016 are still coming together at this time.  What we know is that we have most of our 2015 sponsors on board again, we have added Tyler Trent to run the B classes alongside Brandon Cesaroni.  Heilman and Cunningham will be back battling for Vet supremacy at each round.  Michael Perkins is going to step it up and run the A classes.  Josh Holley will be making the move from the Pro-am lite (Schoolboy classes) to the C class and we expect him to put his TC Racing powered machine up front all season.  Alec Miller should be back in action after injuries cost him the entire 2015 season; this is a rider with as much talent as anyone you’ll see race the A class next year.  Fresh off his 2015 championship Kaczmarzyk will be making the huge jump and throwing himself to the wolves in the Pro-am and Pro Sport classes.  Zach will be riding a machine that will feature several of his own personal sponsors products but maintain our general team theme.  Normally we frown on skipping steps from B to Pro-am but we’ve seen it work before with a Media All-star rider (Brett Musick) and Zach is as determined as we’ve ever seen him.  It may only be October but we are starting to get excited about our 2016 program.  We should have a complete and up to date presser with our entire roster and sponsor list as we get that finalized in the weeks and months to come.  Here’s to knowing that year 13 of the Media All-star project will be a success…because it’s what we do.

Heilman (left) and Kaczmarzyk (right) both took home championships in 2015.
Heilman (left) and Kaczmarzyk (right) both took home championships in 2015. Photo: Courtesy of Media All-Stars