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Site Lap: All But A Memory

Site Lap: All But A Memory

Friday, September 25, 2015 | 3:25 PM
Friday, September 25, 2015 | 3:25 PM

The 2015 ATV Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship is all but a memory now. It almost seems like a dream reflecting back on the monumental things that took place this season. A number of good races, but more importantly some huge steps that will hopefully be a springboard into even more in the future. The next steps are still undiscovered or on the drawing board, but there is a feeling of something big still on the way for ATVMX.

We recognize it in the heart shown by the racers in the ATV Racin’ Nation. Their stick to it attitudes are the driving force behind the success that fuels the sport. Last week Miranda Williams let us in a little on what the journey to be a part of the national series was like. A dream come true and one that may be bigger than they ever thought possible. The opposite end of that would be the rider that has made it. There are many obviously, but possibly one of the most humble and grateful of them all is Thomas Brown.

Thomas Brown had a successful new program this season.
Thomas Brown had a successful new program this season. Photo: Ken Hill

Thomas has been on the circuit for a long time now. He rode the ranks to become one of the premier ATV racers in the world. He also took on a new role this past season as team owner and mentor. Thomas pulled together a very successful program. The program actually was very successful considering he maintained a top three ranking in the coveted AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championship. So now to make the next step forward is as close as it ever was and possibly closer now that he is in total control of his program.

I had a chance to catch up with Thomas and the following are his words on how things went the first year as a team owner and racer:

Running my own program was awesome but a lot of work. No moment stands out over the rest really.  A huge high is looking back and seeing that I'm a top 3 guy still. Not going to lie I was nervous going back on my own and didn't want to go backwards.  To see I didn't go back wards was a relief mows it's time to go foreword! 

Seeing Nico improve and gain speed through the season was awesome.  Watching him I felt like the crazy mini dad sometimes. Running around and cheering. But I know how hard we both work to get him up front. I'm very proud he was apart of my program this year. Nico coming back next year hasn't been decided yet but if he does he will have my support.

I was also proud of my mini rider Peyton Revia. He only did a few races and decided the sport wasn't for him at this time. So he and his family hung the boots up.

As far as next year, I'm planning on running my own program again but nothing is signed yet. I'm working on getting the program together as we speak. 

I can't thank all my family, friends and sponsors enough for standing behind me.

Thomas will also be attending the Caleb Moore Memorial ATV Pro Challenge at Oak Hill Motocross in Decatur, Texas on October 10, 2015. He said “I’m stoked to be going again, but a little bummed it isn't at Underground a little closer to my house.” He said that Oak Hill does have a great facility and he was really hoping to “bring home the W!” 

Again if you want more information on the Pro Challenge click here or go to their Facebook page. Once more I encourage you to try and help out any way you can to help our sport grow. If expenses are a problem, pool your resources and travel lighter and together. Make it a fun a weekend and get back to the simple days of racing.

This season was full of action-packed racing, we simply can't wait for 2016!
This season was full of action-packed racing, we simply can't wait for 2016! Photo: Ken Hill

One other reminder before I go, don't forget to get your reservations made for the banquet coming up November 21. There is still time to register at the discounted rates and all the information is available by clicking here

That's it for me now. Let’s check in with Gloop and Ken “this here's an RV” Hill.

In The Loop With Gloop:


What are Mike Walsh and the crew up to now?


It's cool to see Nick Gennusa helping the younger riders and giving them tips they need to become better riders.

Keeping Up With Ken Hill:

Holy cow another week has flown by! Maybe it is just due to my age, but it sure seems to me like time speeds up every year and if you blink you miss it! I fully admit I do not have a ton to discuss this week, allergies are kicking me in the teeth and I would rather curl up in a ball until they go away! Those that suffer from them know where I am coming from and for those that aren’t affected by them count your blessings!

Chad Wienen was able to defend his championship once again in 2015.
Chad Wienen was able to defend his championship once again in 2015. Photo: Ken Hill

The Unadilla GNCC is now history and it sure is a sight to behold when you see 800+ riders in the morning race take off with their class! There was hardly any open space for parking and the numbers were insane. A good portion of the motocross track was used and even with the track attempting to slow the racers down as they approached Skyshot, a few managed to air it out and clear it. Tough deal for the track crew but not having that jump wide open sure makes fans mad! It is all about safety so it is understood and accepted but a bummer nonetheless. Westley Wolfe had a great day and secured Top Amateur as well as his class win. Westley runs College A 16-21. Walker Fowler took the overall win and the points battle took a bit of a turn as Adam McGill had a mechanical issue and finished ninth. It looks like another nail biter as far as the Pro class points go!

I have been enjoying the video clips several of our Pro riders have been posting. The Pro Challenge race should be very exciting and it appears no one has been slacking since the series ended. The youth riders have also been busy it would seem as several have posted up images and video of them taking a step up and practicing on a larger ATV. Those of us in this lifestyle know how fast everyone is but it is so hard to relay that to the general public. Be safe out there, love seeing the progress, just take it easy and work your way up! 

Joel Hetrick finished the season strong, and will be looking to claim the #1 plate next seson.
Joel Hetrick finished the season strong, and will be looking to claim the #1 plate next seson. Photo: Ken Hill

That is all from me this week, like I said, it has been a rough one here. I pray everyone has a safe weekend and I can’t wait to keep up with all your adventures on and off the track! 



Don't forget to tune in or set your DVR on Tuesday, September 29 at 9:30 a.m. EST for the airing of the RedBud ATVMX National on MAVTV!