ATV Motocross

Joe Byrd End of Season Report

Thursday, August 13, 2015 | 9:50 AM

As the 2015 Season comes to an end, we are sad and happy for a little break. I’m not sure how much of a break as many of my riders will continue racing local series, out of the country series and I will be dialing in my quads for next season, which is also my retirement year.

We very proud of Kirkland Jack, of New Port Richey, Florida after holding on to the points lead in the 450B class. Kirkland had 8 podiums in this class and 4 overall wins. He ended up getting 2nd in both motos, resulting in a podium 2nd at Loretta’s this past weekend. Kirkland ended up 3rd overall in the Production B class, with 3 podiums in this class throughout the season and 1 overall win. Kirkland ended up 4th overall this weekend in the Production B class. 

Vital Cazenave, of Argentina finished his 1st full year in the AMA ATV Pro class. He ended up 8th overall in points.  Vital ended up getting 12th overall in the Pro class this past weekend at Loretta’s.  Vital ended up 6th overall in points the Pro Am class for 2015. He ended up getting 5th overall this weekend in that class. Vital plans to go home to Argentina and take some time off before getting ready for the big beach race in February, also known as EDV. 

Jace Johnson, of Junction City, Oregon got a little taste of the heat and humidity that Loretta’s is known for.  Although he didn’t have the results he was hoping for, he now has something to aspire and train for. Coming from Oregon where the weather is so much different, Jace’s biggest battle will be getting used to the wet, muggy weather conditions.  His family hopes to have Jace attend all the races in 2016 in the AMA ATV Nationals, under the wing of Joe Byrd.  Jace currently races the Quadcross NW series where he is 2nd in points for both the Pro-Am and Pro class. Jace is only 4 points behind the leader in Pro-Am and 8 points behind in the Pro class. It’s going to be a fun and interesting last round at Washougal, Washington on September 12th and 13th, where they will have a double header for points, and the Championship will be given out.

Joe Byrd didn’t have the weekend he was wanting, after his motor not being up to par and not enough time to get another one put together, Joe put in his 3 year old detuned motor that he took out of his practice quad.  With Loretta’s being so close to his house and it being the last race of the year, he had no other choice but to go and make the best out of a bad situation. To our surprise in Moto 2, Joe was able to pull out a holeshot in the Pro Moto 2.

Joe will be making a lot of changes for his retirement year in 2016. We would like to thank all our sponsors over the last 30 years. If you would like to contact Joe for lessons, please do so at [email protected], he travels all over for schools. Also keep in mind that although Joe isn’t on the top of the podium, this year, he is still a very sought after teacher and the original Quad teacher. Just because a racer is the current Champion or top racer, doesn’t mean they know how to teach skills to you or your children.