ATV Motocross

Team Joe Byrd Race Report: Spring Creek ATVMX

Monday, July 6, 2015 | 10:00 AM

Team Joe Byrd had a respectable weekend in Millville, MN at Spring Creek MX on June 27th and 28th.

Kirkland Jack, of New Port Richey, Florida had an impressive weekend, pulling 3 out of 4 Holeshots between 450B and Production B. Jack won the 450B class and got 4th overall in Production B. Jack is currently holding the points in 450B and looking for the class championship this year.

Vital Cazenave, of Argentina is doing very well for his “Rookie” year in the Pro class. Cazenave ended up wrecking in Moto 1 of the Pro class but was able to pull out an 8th overall. In Pro-AM class Cazenave got 3rd in Moto 1 and 4th in Moto 2, making for a 2nd place Podium finish. Cazenave is currently 3rd in points in the Pro-AM class and only 16 points behind the leader. He is hoping to walk away with the class Championship win as well.

Joe Byrd had a rollercoaster of emotions weekend, having never raced Spring Creek, he was ecstatic to finally make it there Thursday. During 2nd Qualifying practice on Saturday, Byrd realized that his quad was having some issues… It was leaking oil everywhere and the engine kept cutting out during qualifying making it hard to jump all the jumps and push it as hard as he would have liked too. Byrd ended up qualifying 13th and had to hurry and make some changes before Moto 1. Byrd has gone 90% of this season without a mechanic and he did not have a spare engine with him. After all the struggles and the let down of not thinking the motor was going to make it through Moto 1, Byrd being the veteran he is and the oldest rider in the class was able to baby it through both Motos and had a 5th place overall finish for the weekend.

We are proud of all our riders and look forward to seeing everyone in Unadilla for Round 8.

For any questions or to sign up for classes, please contact Joe at [email protected]