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Site Lap: We're Halfway There

Site Lap: We're Halfway There

Monday, June 22, 2015 | 4:15 PM
Monday, June 22, 2015 | 4:15 PM

Welcome to another late edition of Site Lap. All apologies once again as technology as great as it is does not always work, at least not for me. I was leaving in a hurry and sent the email, or at least thought I had and left for this past weekends Snowshoe GNCC only to find out it had not sent and I had left the computer at home that I had it saved on. Par for the course me it seems sometimes but the good news is that I had some more time to reflect and wonder ahead as to what is happening in the Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship.

The weather during Moto 1 at the Sunset Ridge ATVMX National was nice
The weather during Moto 1 at the Sunset Ridge ATVMX National was nice Photo: Ken Hill

The 2015 season has so far been one of the most exciting seasons in some time with it's historic happenings and the rise of the level of competition basically across the board in all divisions. The many changes that took place leading into the season all seem to have positive impacts for everyone involved. Riders are excelling to new levels and even though the turnouts, rider counts, wise have not been staggering the quality of competition is at an all time high. I have been impressed with how many people watch each class. Folks line up and find the best vantage points to watch and are true fans of what they are witnessing on the track.

Moto 2 was a bit muddy at Sunset Ridge ATVMX National
Moto 2 was a bit muddy at Sunset Ridge ATVMX National Photo: Ken Hill

Historically speaking ATVMX has yielded some great talents rising through the ranks of youth to amateur racing. Often times it has been one rider that stands out above the rest and everyone says they are the next big thing. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are not but by today's competition level it appears that there is several that are beginning to stand out. I could over analyze everything and try to explain it but if you are at all in tune with what's going on right now then you likely know.

As far as some of the previous standouts like Thomas Brown who came into his own around 2009 winning the Pro Am title and stepping up and into the front ranks of the AMA Pro ATV or Joel Hetrick a prodigy since he was on 50s or Jeffrey Rastrelli who was a standout working his way from the youth division and eventually capturing a Pro Am title of his own, all seemed to rise above the rest of the competition and at times be the one everyone expected to win every race. However looking at today's racing from youth through Pro Am, the depth of competition is so great it is hard to know for sure who will win each time the gate drops. 

 A look at the big picture for me says that unless something changes that Cole Sepesi may be one of the last standouts we see in a while. Cole was an obviously dominating rider that thrived on the competition and seen some competition throughout his youth division tenure. He was recruited straight from youth to Pro Sport and Pro Am by one of the most talented riders in the game. Chad Wienen saw something in Cole as did everyone else and he jumped at the chance to make him a part of his team. 

Cole Sepesi may also be partly responsible for the level of competition we are seeing in the youth division of ATVMX at this time. He set the bar high for each class he raced and in doing so; those that were just a few years behind saw what it takes to win and started pushing toward it. Though some may not be winning a lot or even any, their competitive will is just as strong and they continue to push toward greater things creating stronger and more competitive racing. In doing so it has brought us to not just one rider standing out but also a group of riders standing out and pushing each other to new levels. 

Thomas Brown got the moto 2 win
Thomas Brown got the moto 2 win Photo: Ken Hill

The Youth All-Star Class in particular is a great example of what the youth ranks are doing competition wise. I'm not so sure the points reflect the true battles that have waged but from a visual aspect it is one of the most exciting races to watch on the schedule. It's one that I always try to stop and watch no matter what I happen to be doing at the time. Peyton Zimmerman leads the class by 6 points over a relative newcomer in Alan Meyers. Me yes has made a name for himself and consistency is paying huge dividends right now. The two have more than a 30 cushion over Cody Ford that could be deceiving with the points adjustment with drops accounted for in the process. Ford knows how to win and is finding new levels of speed we recognized in him from some of the younger classes a couple of years ago. Troy Hill, Grayson Eller and Dylan McClellan round out the top 5 a few points back but with a little larger deficit. Something about this class tells me that with the competitive level of these riders To not be surprised to see this championship become one that will go down to wire. And even if not, the battles are ones you still don't want to miss. 

This coming weekend we head to the famous Millville National at Spring Creek Moto Park and the stage is set for some big rides this weekend. With the inclement weather conditions we have been faced with so far this season it is hopeful we will have a solid race weather weekend. The weather has been a huge factor this season as we have seen the cancelation of two-second motos which kind of leaves a lot of unanswered questions for many. The weather may also be why the points in some classes don't reflect the true competitive nature that each class holds. 

Last year we had lots of rain at Millville that dampened the festivities planned for the weekend but this year I don't think much will dampen the riders spirit as many have a lot to prove to themselves and supporters. The home stretch of the championship is upon us and the big guns are about to come out. The last rounds at Millville, Unadilla, Red Bud and Loretta Lynn's may bring out the best competition so far this season. It will likely be the deciding factors for the points race in a number of classes. 

Wienen and Hetrick battled it out at the Sunset Ridge ATVMX National during moto 1
Wienen and Hetrick battled it out at the Sunset Ridge ATVMX National during moto 1 Photo: Ken Hill

It almost feels like the start of new season in a way knowing the best tracks on the circuit are coming up on the schedule and knowing racers and teams are going are set to push things to new levels. Don't be surprised at the upcoming rounds when you see battles like never before. The ferocity of the battle will amplify and the face of the title hunt will take a new appearance and this may yet be the best season ever competitively in recent history. 

I personally am looking forward to the rest of the season and am expecting great things. I realize it's part of my job to hype things up but so far my job has been very easy this year. The racing speaks for itself and has been doing it boldly.  

Rich here from Millville, MN Home of the Spring Creek ATV MX National. Since this race is so close to the Roots Rive Racing head quarters, I'm here helping the Martin family put on the best ATV MX event possible.  

Since this race is the longest journey for a lot of the Racing Nation, Makson Construction, Corrosion Specialties, Ford Brothers Racing and Root River Racing are putting up a prize purse of Visa Gift Card for the top 5 riders of each of the amateur classes totalling $14,325.00. 

Before the cards get doled out on Sunday we are hosting an On Track Press Day Wednesday from 2-4 for the Pros to introduce them to the community. We have Also scheduled hospital visits for the Pros to help put some smiles on kids faces that normally don't have much to smile about. 

Speaking of kid's with little to smile about, 88 live to ride & JB Racing will be doing trike races Friday at 7pm to raise funds for Logan Tremellen's medical bills. Saturday we are bringing the house down. After Dinner Root River Racing & JB Racing will be hosting pit bike and pit quad races on the 50s track at 7pm to raise money for Racing for Cancer. Also at 7pm the Cody Hicks band will take the stage and at 10:30pm to close the night out there will be a Fireworks show by Hollywood Pyrotechnics. You can sigh up for trike and pit bike races at JB Racing on Friday 10a - 4p. 

Well Rodney, that should cover the up and coming events here at Millville. Safe travels for everyone heading this way.

That's it for me now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.

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