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Site Lap: Inaugural Ironman ATVMX

Site Lap: Inaugural Ironman ATVMX

Friday, May 29, 2015 | 3:45 PM
Friday, May 29, 2015 | 3:45 PM

The 2015 Mtn. Dew ATV National Motocross season has certainly seen a lot of firsts this season. The first ever Daytona ATVSX, our first visit ever to the notorious Underground MX Park in Kemp, Texas, The announcement of the Edge of Summer Motocross at Soaring Eagle Casino and this weekend’s first visit to the world famous Ironman Raceway.

The Ironman Raceway motocross track is as new as it can be with only one season of two-wheeled nationals, and now the first Mtn. Dew ATV MX National. The ATVMX series may be new to the facility, but the facility has a rich and full racing history that is going on 20 years strong. Established in 1995 and named for one of the GNCCs greatest ATV racers, Bob “The Ironman” Sloan.

Wienen and Hetrick are sure to impress everything this weekend with some epic battles!
Wienen and Hetrick are sure to impress everything this weekend with some epic battles! Photo: Ken Hill

Bob “The Ironman” Sloan was noted as one of the toughest racers of his era. He would race his ATV early on Saturday morning, and then would ride a motorcycle for the three race in the afternoon. He said it gave him an advantage and it was part of his training process as he, like many of the pro riders at that time worked a normal 40+ hour week and raced on the weekends. He was a true pioneer of ATV racing, and as the great Barry Hawk has stated before, “One of the fiercest competitors to ever take the track.”  

Since its inaugural running in 1995, the Ironman GNCC has hosted some the largest events in off-road history with over 2,400 individual entries last year alone. It has bolstered some of the largest crowds of any off-road racing venue, and has hosted some of the greatest championship finales the sport has ever known. To say it is a privilege to be a part of the first ever ATV motocross national here is by far an understatement, it is an honor.

Another great honor and first, at least for a long time, is the fact that Tim Cotter is manning the microphone at Friday practice. Tim is the Director of Operations for MX Sports and as well the original voice of ATV motocross. Tim is working this weekend as promoter for MX Sports who governs the series and promotes this weekend’s event. Tim will also be here in the same capacity in a few weeks as part of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Nationals.

Joel Hetrick took the overall at the last round, and the point's championship lead!
Joel Hetrick took the overall at the last round, and the point's championship lead! Photo: Ken Hill

That being said, it has been a rather exciting experience to be a part of all the happenings here this weekend and the atmosphere is next level! The Ironman Raceway was built for specific purposes of  hosting AMA Motocross Nationals and AMA Pro ATV Motocross Nationals. It feels like you have entered someplace special when you roll through the gates, and when you see the racetrack and the facility for the first time it doesn’t take long to realize that you know you are some place special.

Be sure and catch all the ATVMX action LIVE this weekend on The “globecast” will begin at around 2:30 pm ET and end around 5:30 pm ET, be sure and pass the word and share in your social media!5_Hetrick_LIVE

A few weeks ago I received a text from Joe Byrd. It isn’t often that he contacts me out of the blue, so I figured something was up. Boy did I get a big surprise when I read what Joe had sent!. It said, “ Look what CNN just invited me to do! Woo Hoo!...LOL”. Then I opened the attachment and it read:

 Hi Joe,

 My name is Christina and I’m a producer on CNN’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” with Mike Rowe. Much like “Dirty Jobs” we’re traveling around the country in search of passionate people with unique jobs. We will be in Oregon and were wondering if you were interested in bringing your quad racing school out to the area? We’d love for Mike to learn jump, whoops, passing, breaking, etc. with you and then participate in a race.

Well, well, well. Isn’t that interesting? Another big first is possible, and the exposure that ATV motocross racing could get, plus some we could get great and positive light shed on ATVMX, which it deserves. Of all organizations and channels! It will be on CNN. Way to go Joe! You have given so much to our sport and you continue to do so! I am very thankful for what Joe does on a global basis for our sport. Thank you Joe!

That’s it from me for now. Let’s check in with Ken. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs!

Nick Gennusa had his best finish in the pro class at High Point Raceway, plus scored the overall win in the Pro Am class.
Nick Gennusa had his best finish in the pro class at High Point Raceway, plus scored the overall win in the Pro Am class. Photo: Ken Hill

I am sitting at a well-known rest area in southern Ohio as I make my way out to the inaugural race for the series at Ironman Raceway in Indiana. The facility itself is well known to the GNCC crowd as one of the largest and most anticipated races of the year takes place in the woods and fields that surround the newly constructed motocross track! The past two years I have watched the construction and progress of the track, and I am pretty stoked to see our series have the opportunity to shred this infamous Indiana dirt! The Shaver’s run a top notch operation so everyone should have a great time and the local community is well tuned to the events held there, so don’t be surprised if we get a great spectator turn out here. 

Now, the racing action should be pretty good as we have Chad Wienen and Joel Hetrick deadlocked in a heated points battle that should give us all a great race and epic battles this weekend. There is nothing better than a Cinderella story and nothing worse than a run away points chase for media related things, so having this fight play out round after round is going to be great. With RacerTV going live again here at Ironman Raceway, the world will get a chance to watch along with us that will be trackside. On a personal note, I would have preferred a 3 or 4 way battle for the points lead, but that just isn’t in the cards! It still doesn’t seem right not mentioning the threat John Natalie would be but I know the Ironman is recovering and still in our thoughts and prayers.3_Wienen_MAVTV

Speaking of thoughts and prayers, most of the series has been following Logan Tremellen and his battle with a serious health issue that was discovered after a small get off at High Point. After several surgeries, Logan’s father Troy has released that Logan is indeed on the mend! What a scary and trying time for anyone to have to endure, but the love and support shown towards the young racer and his family from the racing community just continues to prove we are one big extended family! Please continue praying and showing your support as this young racer has a bumpy road ahead, but we know he will be back in action soon. They can’t keep him locked in a room or strapped to a bed!

I want to also express our need for everyone to “Like” and “Share” the series posts on social media. Our reach exceeded our followers by huge amounts thanks to your help and this is how we can help spread the word about the series, our racers and our RacerTV and MAVTV coverage. This is what sponsors look for and they will go a long way in bringing support to you through sponsorships. You are using the TV coverage and RacerTV coverage to help show your sponsors how your reach exceeds the track aren’t you? You should be!

Catch all the action, from the start to the champagne sprays this weekend on!
Catch all the action, from the start to the champagne sprays this weekend on! Photo: Ken Hill

That’s all from me this week, it is time to get back on the road and finish this trip. See everyone soon and as always, praying for a safe and successful race weekend!