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Team Joe Byrd Excited About Up-And-Coming Racer Jace Johnson

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 | 4:10 PM

The 18 year old is starting his 3rd year of racing and starting to make a name for himself.  He mostly participates in Quadcross Northwest , a fairly new series, that’s really starting to grow in popularity.

Joe had the opportunity to train with Jace some in January in Arizona and recently at Byrd’s Training Facility in Union City, TN.  Byrd sees a lot of potential and natural talent in this rider.   Jace raced the Opening Race for this series at the double-header weekend on April 25th and 26th at Horn Rapids MX Park in Richland, WA.   After racing 8 motos during that weekend, he was able to walk away with Pro-Am overall win on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as 2nd overall in the Pro class on both days.  

Check out the Jace Johnson Racing Facebook Page to see photos.

Jace and his family are happy going in to the series leading in points in the Pro-Am class as well as a very respectable 2nd in points in the Pro class.  They are busy making preparation for Rounds 3&4 at Straddeline ORV Park in SW Washington, as well as fine tuning his race machine.

Joe is excited to come to in Albany, Oregon for a Riding School on June 18th-20th to work more with Jace as well as all the other Quadcross NW racers and/or  local recreational riders that want to learn to go faster and work on safe riding techniques. 

Visit and contact Joe at [email protected] to sign up!