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Site Lap: It All Begins Tuesday

Site Lap: It All Begins Tuesday

Friday, March 6, 2015 | 10:45 PM
Friday, March 6, 2015 | 10:45 PM

Welcome to Site Lap!

It all begins today. The big rigs, racers and families begin the journey into history as they roll into the world famous Daytona International Speedway in preparation of Tuesdays monumental and first-ever Fly Racing AMA ATV Supercross championship. The feelings and emotions running through the ATV Racin' Nation has to be a feeling of something special. The hard work, dedication and never give up attitudes have helped bring this all to fruition. It's not going to change ATV racing but it is a start and is the biggest step toward making that happen as this series has witnessed in quite some time.

Teams and families will be treated to the Daytona Supercross by Honda on Saturday night, Ricky Carmichael Amatuer Supercross on Sunday and Monday, and then Tuesday the place is all theirs for the inaugural ATVSX. I for one will be proud to be a part of this amazing event. There are so many questions that are being asked and the one big one is who will win the first ever AMA Pro ATV SX? Who knows right now but all the key elements are in place and Tuesday will be our first look at all the changes.

I was going through the top ten from last year's pro standings and amazingly only two riders have not seen a change in their programs. They are Chad Wienen and Jeffrey Rastrelli. Both see the loss of a teammate but both programs stay pretty much the same. This is an obvious advantage one may think but when you look at the big picture it's not really as big as it seems. The reason I say this is because I feel that every move made this winter will be positive moves for all in the end. 

I could sit and tell you that so and so should do this and so and so should do that. I think everyone is expecting Wienen to do well and maybe even win but I have to say there may be too many variables and this is such a one off event that folks may be more surprised than they expect. I really don't know but I feel it will be a good battle and I think that is most important for the event and for the sport. I just hope it is not a runaway and I don't care who wins really I just want to see a good show from all classes. 

Speaking of good show, don't forget if you can't make it to tune in on Tuesday and watch for yourself. It will be live on and will feature a lot of racing. Unless program schedule changes I believe we are still set for 2 til 6 or whenever it is over. Tweet it, share it, Facebook it, Instagram it! Let the world know what's going on. 

Last week I sent out a call to folks to share some news heading into Daytona. Wildly there was not a lot of response but I did talk to "Factory Sam" Rowe. Sam is a rider that began making his mark in our sport at a young age in the youth ranks. Today he's racing with the Root River Team and things could not be any better. Here is what Sammy had to say;

This year for training I got to go down to Splendora MX and stay there at the track for a couple months. I really want to thank Dee from Rage ATV for letting me stay there. A little while ago now we had the Root River Racing riding school which I was happy to help and be apart of. It was such a great weekend!

I am super excited for this season because I'm making the step up to pro am. I feel ready and I'm curious to see where I end up after the first gate drop. My teammate Dylan Tremellen and myself are going to be racing Pro Am and Open A I believe. I feel confident in both our abilities and look forward to racing with him and many other fast guys.

Training has been going great I think I'm feeling super comfortable on my RRR machine. I have been going to the gym a lot and I feel stronger than ever. Me and Tommy Vossman are headed to Florida after a race at 3 palms MX to get some training in with Jeffrey Rastrelli right before the first round at Daytona SX.

i am so excited to get this motocross season started and I just want to say I'm thankful for the place I'm at in my career and all the people that stay behind me pushing me to get faster. Rich Gillette thanks for giving me a place to stay while I was down here and everything else you are the man!

It looks like Sam is ready to go! So if you have something you would like to share, drop me a note to Rodney@GNCCRacing. I say use that one because my ATVMotocross email was hacked and I closed it out.

Also, one other note heading into Daytona I saw a very familiar face down at the Maxxis rig here at Palatka, Florida for the Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC, it was Casey Greek! Casey is the new go to guy at Maxxis trackside support working now with Impact Solutions and Jay Gobel. I for one think it's a great fit and Casey is back at the track. Welcome back Casey!

Catch up with Ken Hill:

Can you believe we are just days a way from the Fly Racing Dayton ATVSX! Yesterday I had a chance to chat with a few industry people about the upcoming season and it appears everyone still has their favorites and the big guns of our series continue to be the expected heavy hitters when it comes to podium finishes. The wildcard is of course the ATVSX offering a different venue that affords no rider a comfortable history on a particular track. Everyone comes off the gate for the very first time on to Dayton dirt and everyone has a clear slate to which they can write history upon.

Now Chad Wienen seems to be getting the nod for another championship season and he is indeed a safe bet. The cagey vet John Natalie though may have vast experience to draw upon that could give him some flavor at Daytona. John is a beast but could he stick a win at the opening round? I sure wouldn’t count him out! Hetrick, Brown and Upperman as well stand ready to pounce but I am keeping a close eye on Jeffrey Rastrelli not only at the ATVSX but for a serious run at a top placing finish for the season. There are no doubt 5 or 6 riders that will be a threat during the 2015 season so expect wild things, bar to bar racing and some serious efforts from each and every Pro on the track!

The chatter around the cyber world has been picking up steam as the final bolts are torqued and wheels start turning as everyone starts their trek to Daytona. Mother nature threw a huge storm that many are having to deal with just to get out of their driveway so we wish everyone safe journeys and can affirm, the warm sun and 80 degree temps feel mighty good here in the sunshine state. Videos have been released showing the track layout and procedures so please take a minute and familiarize yourself with things.

Chad Wienen heads into Daytona to start off the 2015 ATVMX season and ready to defend his 2015 championship
Chad Wienen heads into Daytona to start off the 2015 ATVMX season and ready to defend his 2015 championship Photo: Ken HIll

That’s all from me, the opening round of the GNCC season is underway here in Palatka so it will be a very busy week for the staff as they have multiple events going on! I pray everyone a safe trip, and even safer race and can’t wait to see which gunfighter comes out of Dayton on top.