ATV Motocross

Competition Bulletin 2014-9

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 | 8:40 PM


TO:                  ATVMX Participants

FROM:             ATVPG

DATE:              December 31, 2014


2015 Final ATVMX Supplemental Rules and National Classes Amendment to 2015 Daytona ATVSX Supplemental Rules

The 2015 ATVMX Supplemental Rules and National Classes are now final.  For convenience, changes are highlighted in red. 

The 2015 Class Detail will be posted shortly, along with a tentative Moto Order so that you can plan your race weekend accordingly.

Note:  Due to the recent change in the AMA Amateur Rules requiring a minimum age of 16 for all ATVMX amateur class participants, we were not able to add the 15-year olds to the Women’s class. 

It was also necessary to amend the 2015 Daytona ATVSX Supplemental Rules to restrict AMA Pro licensed riders from competing in the Pro-Am class due to the tight race schedule. 

Please also note:  Due to time restrictions (we only have one day in 2015), the ATVSX is a limited entry event.  Classes will most likely fill-up fast, so make sure to make your reservations soon!

All participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with both the ATVMX and ATVSX Supplemental Rules prior to competing in any events.

We thank you for your participation in this process and apologize for any inconvenience resulting from a delay in the process.

Please direct all further comments to [email protected].

Happy New Year!