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Site Lap: ATVMX Off-Season Update

Site Lap: ATVMX Off-Season Update

Saturday, October 4, 2014 | 9:10 AM
Saturday, October 4, 2014 | 9:10 AM

It's another busy week in the off-season. Folks are working on next season and many are actually just soaking in the time they have to relax. Whichever it may be there are still a few things happening in the ATV Racin' Nation. 

First let me invite you to the most epic GNCC ATV championship battle since 1993 when Barry Hawk won his first of seven ATV Championships. That's over two decades! Then it was a three-way shoot out to the final checkers. Today with two rounds to go there are only 5 points that separate five-time GNCC Champ Chris Borich and the young up and coming challenger Walker Fowler. Though there are two races left and we are not quite in a winner take all scenario we do have the makings of the best title fight since that time. Check out to read up on it and catch this weekends racing action live on at 1:00 pm and if you miss the action, don't worry it will be archived to watch at any time you please.

Second, Women ATVMX National Champion Megan Manshack will be making her second appearance in the GNCC world. Last round she was met with some technical rocks and lots of dust. This round it looks like it could be wet, cold clay. The rain has been falling on Friday afternoon here at Powerline Park and it is shaping up to be the traditional Ohio mud race. This will be a welcome relief for most though as dry dusty conditions that have prevailed recently. 

Megan told me "My first GNCC experience wasn't exactly what I was hoping for but I still had a blast! I came out pretty far back in the start because I still have the kick start on my bike, but I was starting to make my way up through the pack until I took a bad line and got hung up on some rocks. I got back going again, but only made it to lap two because my chain snapped in half. So I didn't really get the full GNCC experience because I didn't get to run the full two hours. My biggest struggle was definitely my thumb getting tired! I really enjoyed that it was much more challenging than motocross and that the competition in the women's class is a lot stiffer and bigger which makes for more fun racing! I will have to work harder than I ever have to run with those ladies and I'm very excited to have that motivation. These last two races I am mostly just focusing on getting my bike dialed in for next year and building up my endurance. I had a few issues with the bike last race that gave me a little trouble. I am really excited for Powerline Park and to hopefully finish this time!"

I asked what did she really expect since she said it wasn't what she had expected and she said, "I was expecting to get really tired really fast but I was surprised that I wasn't getting arm pump or anything yet. But I only made a lap and a half so I might be saying something different after two hours! (laughs) It's probably easier to say what I wasn't expecting that what I was, because I really didn't have any idea what it would be like out there. When people said it was rocky, I definitely didn't expect the rocks to be the size of boulders! (laughs)

I also wasn't expecting to take so many wrong turns during the race but I did! Another thing I didn't think I would struggle with is passing because I hadn't really had an issue with that in motocross but it gets sketchy trying to pass in cross country because if you veer off the course you never know if a rock or stump will be hiding in the grass."

It certainly sounds like a challenge but it is one I feel Megan will be ready for!

Mark your calendar. If you remember 40+ champion Kevin (Rev-N'-Kevin) Pocrnich. If you remember, he mentioned that he was going to put on a race for his late racing friend Ron Henderson at Lincoln Trail Motosports in Casey, IL this October 26th. I finally got all the details on this and I hope you can help spread the word and come show your support if you can.

Ron Henderson Cancer Awareness ATV race (Casey, IL) 

The Classic track and Lincoln Trail will be all ATV's on Sunday October 26th for a memorial race to honor the late Ron Henderson. The cost is $35 race fee with a $5 of each race fee being donated to the American Cancer Society.

The gates open at 6 am and the fee to get in is $10.
ATV Race Registration 8am
ATV Practice 9am-11am
ATV Riders Meeting 11am
Ron Henderson Memorial Lap 11:30 am
Racing begins immediately after the memorial lap

Come join the fun and have a great day with family and friends, while knowing Ron is smiling and watching us do what he loved the and RACE ATV's!!!!

Two 15-minute practice sessions:

1.) 300cc - Open
2.) 50cc - 90cc


50cc (4-8)
90cc (8-15)
300cc (13-15)
Open A (16+)
Open B (16+)
Open C (16+)

Lincoln Trail Motosports will also have bike races Saturday the 25th along with lots of fun activities for the family and friends Saturday evening including: 

Family Costume Contest (Saturday night) 6:30pm
Hay Ride (Saturday night) 8pm - 10pm
Bon Fire (Saturday night)
Pumpkin Carving Contest (Sunday) 8am - 12pm

That's it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Hearts and All Your Vital Organs.