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Site Lap: One Big Weekend Ahead

Site Lap: One Big Weekend Ahead

Friday, June 27, 2014 | 2:45 PM
Friday, June 27, 2014 | 2:45 PM

A big weekend lies ahead as the Mtn Dew ATV Motocross National Championship returns to Millville, Minnesota for the Mtn. Dew Spring Creek ATV Motocross National. A few year hiatus has left racers hungry for the sandy mix of clay the Martin family facility has to offer. The facility is as we know home to the Lucas Oil Motocross National Championship as well home to two of today’s top two wheel stars in Jeremy and Josh Martin. Jeremy you may know is leading the 250cc class on the AMA Pro Motocross tour.

As mentioned a big weekend is ahead of the ATV Racin’ Nation not only on the track but in the pits and after racing as well. Special contingencies are being offered for all classes and there will be a live band, ATV FMX show featuring Colton Moore, Jr Hinds and several more as well as fireworks to cap it off on Saturday night. I know the weather has not been the best in this area if you have been watching the news but amazing today the place is pretty dry and in good shape.

Let me explain myself though. It did rain here on Friday morning and practice has been slow to get going but at press time it is going. The powers that be as optimistic as possible that things are breaking up and the weather should turn around for not only racing but for todays practice. At least for the most part it should turn around. There are some showers in the forecast but nothing is supposed to set in and stay.

Tonight there have been some activities added to the roster. Root River Racing was already planning on doing a pit bike race but now it has gone a step further. The Guyer family out of Indiana, the one with Maddie and Brogan, has rented and brought adult sized tricycles and are planning a Tri-Cycle Race in conjunction with the Pit Bike Races. It is a fun for all events and the costs to enter will be a minimum of $10.00 per entry and ALL proceeds are going to help with costs associated with the unfortunate accidents of Nick Moser and Jeremy LaDonne. Both riders suffered crashes two weeks ago and remain in the hospital recovering from injury. JB Racing and 88 Live to Ride are co-sponsoring the event to help out the riders in need. It certainly is nice to see the families sticking together and going the extra mile to help out.

I also spoke with Digital Dave, a.k.a. Double “D”, a.k.a. That Crazy Dude from Race day Pix tells me that Heather has come up with a great opportunity for the racers. In years past at Loretta Lynn’s they have offered them is limited supply. This year you can pre order to insure you have yours and you can get them at a deeply discounted rate. Just $35.00 if you pre order and if you buy 3 you get the 4th free just like all Race day Pix deals. However, this is only available at Millville and Unadilla. After that they are the regular $40.00 and cannot be offered as a buy 3 get the 4th free special. Stop by or drop them a line to find out more.

As far as racing is concerned this weekend, I feel we are in store for more treats as the energy levels here seem to be at an all-time high. It has been a good season of racing as well a good season of growth of spectators and popularity for ATVMX in general. The return to Millville and Spring Creek Motocross Park has also taken on a life of its own. There seems to be a number of new faces around the pits and on the track and we all know how that seems to throw a monkey wrench into the operation. I like it because when the guys that can only go to one national and they come out and do well it always seems to be extra special. It has also given birth to a few new national competitors that when they see how strong they really are, they can’t wait till the next round and move heaven and earth to get to another round.

The big question right now is no matter how optimistic promoters and organizers are, the realistic side of this weekend will dictate its overall outcome. But regardless the outcome due to weather, I feel it is safe to say that being back here at Spring Creek is good. (A long drive for many of us but good.)

That’s it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.