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Janssen Race Report From Briarcliff ATVMX

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 | 2:40 PM

The Mountain Dew AMA ATV National Motocross Series is a 9-race championship series-taking place all over the country; Briarcliff MX hosted round 5 in central Ohio. As the world’s most talented ATV racers headed to the Buckeye State, Cody Janssen came in as the series’ top pro rookie. “I’m looking forward to [Briarcliff’s track]” Janssen said Thursday. “It’s a little more technical than we’re used to and I believe that really plays into my style. It’s going to be a good weekend!”

As always, with Saturday comes intense Pro Class racing. As the top rookie, Cody felt the pressure of wanting to hold onto his lead and hopefully adding to it in the process. He came out of the gate on fire in Moto 1, battling for a top 10 finish for the entire race before having to settle for 11th by race’s end. Janssen wanted to keep that momentum rolling right into Moto 2, and it looked as if he was going to get his first career top 10 finish in the Pro Class before a clutch issue resulted in a 13th place finish.

Janssen's weekend didn't go as he planned but he pushed through and had an 11-13 scorecard on the day in the Pro class
Janssen's weekend didn't go as he planned but he pushed through and had an 11-13 scorecard on the day in the Pro class Photo: Courtesy of Janssen

The #40 rider, Cody Janssen, felt like he had a little unfinished business to attend to Sunday in the Pro Am class. He had rode so well the day before and really felt as if that top 10 finish should’ve been his. It was easy to see how fired up he was, being the 2nd fastest rider in the morning practice session. Pro Am Moto 1 saw Cody get a bad start, but battle up to 8th before tangling with another rider and having to accept an 11th place finish. Going into the weekend’s final race, Cody wanted to finish strong and get out of Ohio with his health after so many of his friends and fellow competitors found themselves injured over the course of the weekend. He was doing just that, starting Moto 2 in the top 5 and running there through the race’s midway point before a red flag wiped everything clean. On the restart he didn’t come out as well, but again found himself near the top 5 by the midway point. After making a last ditch effort to pass another rider, Janssen nearly wrecked, going off the track and giving up multiple positions. He would finish 9th in Moto 2.

Rookie of the Year is Janssen's ultimate goal this year
Rookie of the Year is Janssen's ultimate goal this year Photo: Courtesy of Janssen

“Man, what a weekend.” Janssen said following Pro Am Moto 2. “This track was really hard to pass on but we definitely tried to make the best of it. I was the top rookie in the Pro class coming in and I was able to build on that this weekend. Rookie of the year is my ultimate goal and we’re definitely setting ourselves up to succeed in that regard. As for Pro Am, it’s another weekend where the box score isn’t going to show how well I was riding. I felt so good in Moto 2, but the restart took away my top 5 and then I nearly killed myself in the 2nd one. (laughs) I’m happy to get out of here healthy, and though this weekend could’ve been better, we did what we needed to do.”

Supporters and Sponsors make this possible for Cody
Supporters and Sponsors make this possible for Cody Photo: Courtesy of Janssen

Last but not least, Cody must thank all his sponsors and supporters because them the dream he is living out would never be possible. First and foremost his team, FSI/Janssen Motorsports, Roy, Faye, and Troy Hill, Jimmy Sims, his amazing family, friends, and fan base. Thank you to Elka Suspension for everything they do for #40, phenomenal products and even better people. Also, Maxxis Tires, SSI Decals, Walsh Racecraft, Makson Construction, FMF, Renthal, DP Brakes, Thor MX, 100%, Oshkosh Tattoo and Good Girl Piercing, Dynamite ATV, Quadtech, Tweeked Powderworks, Honda East Toledo, Rath, Hinson Clutches, Stephen Propson at P501, CP Pistons, KIK ATV, Maxima, Sunstar, D.I.D, Don Straus, 136 Photography, Pro-Tec, ASM13, Jeremiah Jones, Jeremy Edwards, Corey Garrison at Parts Unlimited, Terry Moore at Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Londerville Steel Enterprises, The Keane Family, his phenomenal mechanics Todd and Dan, and everyone else that supports him.

Cody would like to send his thoughts and prayers to Nick Moser, Jeremy Ledonne, and all the others that injured themselves this weekend.

The next race is another close one to home for Cody! Round 6 will come to you from beautiful Millville, Minnesota on June 28th-29th, see you there! God bless.