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Introducing The 2014 Media Allstars

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 | 1:35 PM

You’d think that after eleven years of doing this, writing team introductions, and updates would be easy; the truth is, it only gets harder. Each and every year we start a different recipe, using different ingredients, with the hopes of improving the end result. For the 11th incarnation of the Media Allstars we’ve switched quite a few things up on the roster side, and made a few key additions to our sponsor list. The end result should prove to be as spectacular as ever, and we’re confident that we’re once again headed towards Championship pie. 

Photo: Courtesy of Media Allstars

2014 ATVMX Roster

The team is once again co-managed by Chase Cunningham and Jorge Cuartas, and coached by Jeremiah Jones through his Jeremiah Jones Riding School.

Morehead Kentucky’s Chase Cunningham has been on the team since 2007, and along with his Dad Martin is solely responsible for keeping the team afloat through the lean years. Chase came on board as a “plus one” if you will to Casey Martin, and quickly rose through the team ranks from rider to team Manager. By 2010 he was running the show, as well as co-title sponsoring the team through his business Morehead Motorsports.  Now in his eighth season, he’s gunning for another A Class Championship, and hopes to challenge teammate Richland, Indiana’s Dane Heilman for a Plus 25 Class Championship. In his second year on the team, Dane won’t make it easy, as he’s already dominating the vet Plus 25, and Vet Plus 30 classes this season, and is clearly ready to defend his 2013 ATVMX Championship.

Orchard Park, New York’s Graham Gardner will also be returning to the team, with the added pressure of being the defending Production A class Champion as well as team “Marquee Rider”. Graham’s 2013 Championship run was hard fought, and decided in the last moto of the last race of the season: If nothing else, he’s proven he can deal with the pressure. Graham spent much of the off-season in Kentucky training under the tutelage of team riding coach Jeremiah Jones, and is confident he can be a contender in both the Pro-Am and A Classes in 2014. West Frankfort, Illinois’ native Calen McGinty has been a member of the Media Allstars team since the 2010 season, for 2014 he’ll be handling A Class, and 16-24 class duties. Calen has spent the last few months training in Russelville, Alabama alongside ATVMX Pro Class racers Josh Creamer and Ronnie Higgerson. and hopes to come in more prepared than ever.

Tennyson, Indiana’s Michael Perkins is entering his second season on the team season poised for an attack on the B Classes. Michael has switched from Suzuki to Honda, and feels the TRX450 was the last piece of the puzzle needed in order to bring home his first National Championship. Joining Perkins in the B Classes are team rookies Fordsville, Kentucky’s Jacob Snyder, and Hardinsburg, Kentucky’s Kyle Haynes. The rookie duo was hand picked by team veterans Chase and Dane, and seems ready to live up to their high expectations, and contend for Race Wins.

Shermansdale, Pennsylvania’s Joshua Holley has been a Media Allstar for nearly half of his life, at just thirteen years old; Joshua has literally grown up in our pits. Joshua will continue chasing a 90cc Class Championship while also dabbling in the Schoolboy classes aboard his freshly built CRF250 powered Honda.

Backing up the 2014 roster, as always are a handful of semi-retired team Alumni. Mario Diangelo, Jorge Cuartas, Dustin Shuler, Mark Kendall, Kaitlyn Bushey, Mike Snider, and Brittany Snider will race when life allows, and wreak havoc when the opportunity presents itself. 

Photo: Courtesy of Media Allstars

2014 GNCC Roster

Since last year’s foray into the trees was so successful, we’ve decided to enter year two of our GNCC “Woods Division” team expansion with a slightly larger effort. Six riders will be contesting the GNCC series under the Media Allstars flag in 2014.

Heading up the effort is Monroe, Michigan’s Mark Batson. Tasked (and credited) with forming, and managing the team, the defending +35 Class Champion has his sites set on the +30-B Class for 2014. Joining Mark is equally fast brother Dale Batson. Hailing from Monroe, Michigan, Dale is a former ATVMX Pro Class Mechanic, as well as blazing fast ATVMX vet class racer. Travel companion, and all around nice guy Toledo, Ohio’s Jason Holliday will accompany the Batson brothers. Jason will contest the +35 class, while adding some much needed comic relief to the pit area.  The Batson brothers won’t be the only siblings on the team, as the equally fast, but far better looking Deloach sisters from Georgia will be returning to the team. Kristen Deloach is the reigning Women’s Amateur Class Champion, and will be contesting the extremely fast WXC class. Kelley Deloach will focus on the Women’s Amateur class, in hopes of keeping the #1 plate in the family (and on the team). Youth Rider Jordan Digby will contest the 125 Sr. Class.

Photo: Courtesy of Media Allstars

2014 TQRA & NEATV Rosters

For 2014 the team will once again support satellite riders at the biggest “non-national” ATV Racing series in the nation. Handling TQRA duties will be Waxahachie, Texas’Austin Wilson, and Justin McCoy. While Wilson actually owns/ operates the TQRA series, he’s still the reigning +25 Class Champ, and still possesses Pro-Am speed. Wilson has been a Media Allstar since 2007, and is the man behind the “ATV Pro Challenge In Memory Of Caleb Moore”. McCoy is actually Wilson’s brother in law, and is the reigning TQRA Open C Class Champion.

For 2014 the team is going full circle, and reuniting with Nac’s Racing. We’re absorbing their NEATV roster, while they’re absorbing our ATVMX National roster. It’s an unorthodox arrangement to say the least, but it’ll afford both teams a presence outside of their respective series, and make sure we’re represented at every major race in the United States.

2014 *ATVMX Team Sponsors

On the ATVMX Sponsor/ Partner front we’re happy to report that we’ve kept 100% of our sponsors from last season, and even added a few key pieces.  Heading up our support effort is Lonestar Racing, the Mesa, Arizona aftermarket powerhouse steps up year after year, and provides the team with the best suspension, and billet components on the market. Maxxis tires keeps us hooked up with the best tires on the market, and Maxima Lubricants keeps our machines looking, and performing at the top level. We wouldn’t run anything else in our motors, and their support of the team has been top notch since day one. DG Performance produces the toughest, best looking, and lightest aluminum products on the market. They’re a staple of the ATV industry, and we’re proud to be supported by them. Uni Filters keep our motors free of dirt, and when combined with Outerwears, and Maxima lubes, make our Motor package virtually bulletproof. Hinson Racing clutch components are a “must have” item, and we’re lucky enough to once again receive their support. Oury grips keep our hands firmly planted on our Tag Metals Handlebars, while Powermadd hand guards keep our knuckles “roost free”. When combined with a Precision Racing steering stabilizer, Fox Shox make any surface, or track condition, a non-factor, as their shocks are head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Quad Tech seat covers, and hoods, Maier Plastics, and SSi graphics combine to give us the best looking machines at the races. SSi has become a huge part of our program over the last few years, and their customer service, turn around time, and overall professionalism has made them a key part of our success. Even though the team has shifted away from the now unavailable Suzuki LTR450R, and back towards Honda TRX 450R machinery, our partnership with Yoshimura R&D has stayed strong. Yoshimura exhaust can make just about anything rip regardless of the brand. All Balls Racing keeps anything with a bearing rolling, and our MAS ATVs have lots of bearings making them key to a “DNF-free” season. Moto-X-Perts continues to provide us with the internal motor parts, and mechanical support necessary to run up front. While Smith Optics, SixSixOne, Novik Gloves, and One Industries keep us looking better than anyone else in the sport with crystal clear vision to boot.

Smith Optics, Maxima lubricants, Outerwears, and Hinson Racing have been on board with the Media Allstars for eleven seasons. It’s rare to be supported in a niche sport year after year, regardless of recessions, economic climates, or ROI without ever wavering. We’re proud to be associated with all of our sponsors, and hope to keep them on board for as long as they’ll have us, but eleven years is unheard of nowadays. Thank you for your unwavering support.

New to the team (and in some cases returning) this season are a handful of companies that we feel will help us improve on our track record of 38 National Championships, 181 Overall wins, and 424 Moto Wins. Few names command the respect that Tom Carlson does, as the man behind TC Racing Engines, he’s not only been around longer than just about anyone else in the sport, he’s seen more, innovated more, won more, and accomplished more than just about anyone in the Industry. We’re extremely excited to bring TC on board, and are confident that he’ll keep our marquee rider Graham Gardner out front all season long. EVS, Galfer, and DWT have sponsored us in the past, and we’re glad to have them all back. DWT wheels are hands down the best on the market, Galfer brakes are second to none, and EVS’ extensive product line keeps us safer head to toe whether on the track, or training on our road and mountain bikes. Welcome back, it’s always sweeter the second time around. Joining the team for the first time are Atlas Brace Technologies, Gaerne Boots, and Matrix Concepts; each company will fill a gap for us, and we couldn’t be happier. Ryan Villopoto wears Atlas braces and if they can keep the SX Champ safe, they’ll certainly work for us. Matrix Concepts produces all the key products to help us fulfill our “dream pits”, they’re sticklers for details, and that’s what we’re all about, so it’s a match made in heaven for us. Gaerne boots are top shelf when it comes to fit, performance, looks, and reputation; we can’t wait to see how comfortable they feel on the top step of the podium.  Dragon Race Fuels is a company we’ve used, and pursued for a few seasons now, having finally landed them as a team sponsor, we’re extremely stoked to know our machines are running on the best fuel on the market. We feel so strongly about the brand, that we’re distributing it year round. If you need fuel, purchase it prior to the races, and we’ll deliver it to the track free of charge.

Lastly, and most importantly is the support of the best photographers in the sport; RaceDayPix, and Ken Hill will be pointing their lenses at us all season long, giving us the visual tools to keep you informed.

The team will support the Vigilant Vet Racing program, 88 Live To Ride Foundation, as well as the Challenged Athletes Foundation throughout the season through fundraising, & exposure.

* 2014 GNCC Sponsors are identical to ATVMX Team with the exception of ITP Tires in place of Maxxis Tires, and VP Race Fuels in place of Dragon as members of our GNCC Team work for ITP & VP.