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Joe Byrd Announces "BTF" - The Byrd Training Facility

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 | 1:20 PM

Joe Byrd Quad Rid­­­ing School is proud to announce the Opening of The Byrd Training Facility, “BTF”. Riders can not only come learn how to perfect their skills at the riding school, but now they can also come stay a day, a week, or months and perfect their training skills, while learning what it takes to be a Pro Champion.  Look for our riders to improve their physical conditioning and results as the season progresses all year.

This year in the Pro Class, Joe Byrd, Brad Riley & Tim Dettling. Pro Am Riders Vitu Cazaneve and Cam Covil.  Amateur riders include Damien Golden, Gregg Miller, and Kirkland Jack.

For more information and prices go to, email us at [email protected] or find Joe on Facebook.