Cody Suggs-Down but Not Out

Cody Suggs-Down but Not Out

TimeTuesday, February 18, 2014 | 11:55 PM
TimeTuesday, February 18, 2014 | 11:55 PM

 Cody Suggs was looking forward to the 2014 season in many ways. Shaking off his rookie year and attacking the season early, Suggs found himself in a pre season crash that will sideline his program until he is cleared to get back on the bars. We caught up with Cody to find out how everything was going. Wow Cody, it was a real blow to us learning of your wreck and injury. What exactly happened?

Cody Suggs: It was a huge blow to me too! I was so excited to get down to Jeffery Rastrelli's and begin training for the winter. Not much more than a week of being down there I went to Thundercross to practice with Chad Wienen and Nick Gennusa. It felt great to be back on the bike, putting laps on the track, getting back into the groove, and then I woke up. I still don't really know what happened because it all happened so fast. The last part of the track I remember was jumping into the whoops and starting to wheel tap out of them, but I never came out. Since no one was watching, no one knows what really happened. All I knew when I came to there was no doubt my femur was broken. The amount of pain I was and have been in is more than I could have ever imagined.

I know the injury required surgery, how did that go and what is the prognosis?

I was rushed to the hospital immediately and the testing began. X-rays showed instantly my femur was broken uncleanly, but considering the pressure it takes to break a femur they needed to test for further injuries. I was supposed to be transported to a larger hospital because I was considered a trauma patient, but everything major checked out and I was able to stay locally. This happened on February 8th and I went into surgery the next morning. The surgery went really well given how bad the break was. They put a 16-inch rod in my right femur, so I am just waiting for the pieces to grow back together. My prognosis is 4-6 months to full recovery and no walking for at least 6 weeks. I recently just got a machine to help bend my knee; it is supposed to help with the swelling, heal time, range of motion, and recovery time. So until then, we wait.

This is really bad break for you, you were looking really good last season and everyone expected you to really have a great season this year. We saw Tim Dettling deal with something similar and he is finally back on his quad. What are your plans after you get healed up?

This was a terrible thing to happen and I appreciate the compliment! It was my rookie year and I wanted to do a little better than I did but had a shoulder injury and just some bad luck but we all know that’s racing! My goals for this year was to be somewhere in the top 10. I wanted to try and run up front with the top 5 or 7 because those guys are at another level! I feel I have the training down pat on and off the bike just needed to get faster and build some confidence up on the bike; that's one reason I went to Jeffery's house so we could push each other in every direction! I had some really good people behind me this year besides my family for once and everything was looking to be good; but that's the risk we take racing these things! Tim Dettling did deal with something similar but I think his was a lot worse; he had more issues to deal with I believe but don’t take my word on that! My plans after getting healed up are to race again, but at a less serious level. I love racing and wanted to race pro one last year so this year was my last go around. Everyone knows the time dedication on and off the track, the physical demands it takes to be successful at this level, and how expensive the build up takes to perform. It will always be in my blood and I'll always ride for the love of the sport, but for me it is time to step away for a while. I would like to actually come back and take couple age class titles down the road but I need to get up and walking first! I'll still be at the races this year, just on the other side of the fence.

Granted I was only at the Rastrelli's for a little more than a week, the work I saw Jeffery put in on and off the quad was incredible. This kid is moving quick on the track and is definitely going to be a contender for this upcoming season. After he finishes up his winter training, I know he will be more than ready and hopefully everyone else will be too. I have to say a huge thank you to his parents, Big Jeff and Laura, for everything they did for me while I was down there. I truly appreciate everything they have done for me.

I really have to thank my family for everything they do and have done for me over the years! Also need to thank my sponsors: Napa(Stanfield Family), Bill Marsh Construction, SSI Decals, SF Racing, PEP, Moto-Xperts,Bladecki Compound OTR Race Team, Serry Farms Gps Offroad Products, Goldspeed, Pro Motorsports, Fly, Utopia, JB, protaper, Forma, Powermadd, Fuel Customs, Fourwerx, LSR, Rath, Maxima, Sunstar, FMF, Hinson, Precision, Mateer Oil, EVS, Oury Grips, Cyclepsport Yamaha, and Pivot Works who have stuck by me throughout my years in racing.

We want to thank Cody for filling us all in and we can't wait to see him back on the gate!