Catching Up With Tim Dettling

Catching Up With Tim Dettling

TimeMonday, February 10, 2014 | 4:05 PM
TimeMonday, February 10, 2014 | 4:05 PM, you were looking so strong until Wildcat when you suffered a terrible injury. It has been great watching as you healed up and finally got back on the bars and prepare for the 2014 season. Seeing you back at it, I would assume the leg is good to go?

Tim Dettling: Yeah, it still bothers me quite a bit, but it has improved tremendously in the last 4 weeks. Still have a ways to go, but I am happy to be on the quad

Could you fill us in on the team news and how your off season has been going?

The Vechery Racing Team is pretty much the same as last year, with a couple new faces, and some awesome new sponsors. We added Tyler Hamrick for both Pro and Pro Am, Dan Hoisington for A class, and Scottie Vechery is coming back full time in A class, and maybe Pro Am. I will be racing Pro and Pro Am again. The whole team will be together at Greg Paffords in Louisiana soon, I've been back and forth a few times with Scottie, Tyler and Dan have been riding at our home indoor track Ram Jam Sportsplex.

We also teamed up with Greg and Alex Pafford, They are an important part of our team!

Photo: Hill

Are there any new sponsors you would like to announce?

Yes, we are excited to welcome some new sponsors to our program. Elka Suspension and Maxxis tires are some of the biggest changes to the team, and we are really excited about both. I will also have something pretty cool in the Pro Am class from Six5 Design.

What have you found to be the big advantage so far with the changes to your program?

I already had a lot of confidence in our bikes last year, but the Elka Suspension was a good change. I have more trust in the bike than I have in the past. An obvious advantage is being able to train with Tyler, Scottie, and Dan more regularly.

Photo: Hill

 In your eyes, who will be the movers and shakers in 2014?

I cant rule anybody out for 2014. I expect to see Joel Hetrick out front and Josh Upperman has been working harder than ever, and of course the Wienen Motorsports crew. Pro Am may be more stacked than I've ever seen it. That one is hard to predict!

Any goals for 2014?

My goals for 2014....A Pro Am Championship  and a Top 10 in Pro.

Good luck Tim, we hope to see you at the end of the season with all your goals met or exceeded!