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Competition Bulletin 2014-2

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 | 1:55 PM



TO:                  ATVMX Participants

FROM:             ATVPG

DATE:              December 10, 2013


                        2014 ATVMX Supplemental Rules and National Classes - FINAL

The 2014 ATVMX Supplemental Rules, National Classes and Class Detail are now finalized.  For convenience, the most significant changes are explained below:

The only change to the Amateur classes was the removal of the redundant 4-Stroke classes.  Riders of all skill levels and ages have at least 3 class selections to choose from, and Production-based models have at least 4 class selections.

In the Youth ranks, a Schoolgirl class was added to provide complete vertical integration from the youngest Girls (6-11) class through the Women’s Class, without having to compete directly with the boys. 

The Schoolboy Sr. class was expanded to allow non-production based machines up to 300cc to compete with the 400cc production-based machines.  This was added as a cost-saving measure to enable the machines produced for the Schoolboy Jr to be utilized for longer periods.  The series is aware that considerable expense went into building a 300cc machine that previously could only compete in one class.   With this change, the machines can be used longer without having to replace it.

Three new Shifter classes were added (70 (6-11), 90 (8-11), and 90 12-15).  The new class structure allows the Automatics/CVT’s to compete for their own national titles, the Shifters to compete for their national titles, and then an Open class where the Automatics/CVTs and Shifters compete directly.  This change was made as the series deems it important the riders and their machines be able to participate competitively in at least two classes.  In the past, only one class was available to shifter models, both production and non-production based.

In the Supplemental Rules, eligibility requirements were established for the Pro Am class, and restrictions imposed for their participation in “A” classes, limiting eligible Pro Am riders to compete in the Open A class as an additional class only.

In addition, the Supplemental Rules were clarified to explain that all classes – production and non-production – are modified classes, and that production machines are eligible in all classes, not just Production classes.  Furthermore, the rules clarify that there is no restriction for age-eligible Youth riders to compete in Amateur classes, e.g., Schoolboy Sr riders age 16 may compete in non-“A” designated Amateur classes (“B”, “C”, and College classes).  This is the same rule applied to the motorcycle amateur national championships.

Although there was extensive discussion at the annual Rules Meeting after the 2013 Banquet, regarding inclusion of the 450cc 4-stroke in the Schoolboy Sr class for riders age 15+, after review of the OEM recommended age restrictions for 450 models, as well as the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) mandates regarding ATVs and youth machines, it was determined that 450cc machines will not be permitted in youth classes at this time.  Given the recent focus of the CPSC on youth ATV participation, it is important that the national championship maintain the 16 age requirement for 450cc machines, although other standards may apply at the local level.

Finally, for 2014, all classes will be subject for review and evaluation at the end of the season.  Classes unable to maintain an average of 7 participants will be subject to removal.

Thank you for your patience and participation in the 2014 ATVMX rules making process. Unlike motorcycles, rules and classes for ATV’s are ever-evolving as OEMs change their focus on models and production.  The Series strives to evolve with the changes in the market, to provide a fair balance between national competition and family fun.

We look forward to a successful, rain-free 2014 season.  We’ll see you at the races!

2014 ATVMX National Classes

2014 ATVMX Supplemental Rules

2014 ATVMX Class Clarification Chart

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