ATV Motocross

Site Lap: Wild Times Coming

Friday, May 10, 2013 | 5:00 PM

The inaugural running of the Wildcat Creek MX Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross Nationals rolls into Rossville, Indiana this weekend. The field is stacked from the 50cc classes all the way to the pro class. The weather greeted the riders with a little rain Thursday evening making the track conditions not the most favorable for the start of practice. However with a little wind and a few rounds of practice the track is shaping up quite nicely.

Though it hasn’t rained during every race this season it has been wet leading into or at some point for the weekend. One has to wonder what this will mean for the championship. In some respects it is still early in the season but by looking at the schedule we are heading into the halfway point of the season at the same time and like it or not the weather has played a big role in many classes so far.

This weekend we are plagued with many more questions and the first is concerning the weather once again.ƒ‚  While forecasts are calling for a mild weekend and the rain to move out, the questions still loom in everyone’s mind if it will be the case or not. The track conditions for the practice are actually in remarkable shape and after talking with Red Bud’s Tim Ritchey I understand. He said that the rain was well anticipated and they rented a roller and packed the track before the rains fell and saved the track for the weekend o f racing.

The track is located on a flat piece of property and has great drainage. On top of that the area is a heavy clay mix soil compound but the surface of the track has been manicured with sand to help give a different consistency and to help make a good racetrack great. It is known as ƒ“Indian’s Premier Motocross Facilityƒ” and actually seems to be living up to that.

Practice got off to a rather slow start with many of the riders not expecting the track to be as prime as it actually was and once #209 Brett Musick carved the first lines in for the national ATV weekend. Once it was noted that the sandy mixture in the track coupled with the rolling of the track, it would be considered a perfect start to a hot dry day, but with the clouds there was some obvious skepticism that was soon alleviated.

As far as big news, there isn’t much to talk about honestly but a few things to watch for this weekend will include not only the expected intense battles in the pro and pro am classes but also the amateur ranks as well.

The AMA Pro ATV class sees only a 27 point difference from 1st to 5th in the current standings and with each moto scoring points that could turn around in nearly anyone’s favor with the right set of circumstances. As farfetched as it may seem, it is certainly within the realm of possibility and may be the only hopes some may have for becoming a player in the season’s championship run.

Chad Wienen has ridden about as smooth and consistent as a rider can and this is what has him in the points lead right now. Chad has adjusted well to defending rather than attacking in the early rounds and it has more than paid off. Joel Hetrick may have shown the most speed through the first couple of rounds but the moist conditions at Ballance MX for round 3 left Hetrick sitting in his own tracks. Rich Hetrick, father and mechanic for Joel said they just had way too much power for Joel’s weight and that a stock motor and a few Big Macs may be in order for Joel for mud races in the future.

One has to be excited to wonder how things will turn out in this class this week as former champ #13 John Natalie found the speed and a moto win to end the day at round 3 and that confidence in the newly developed Natalie program is rising to all new levels and could set the stage for a championship comeback battle by Natalie that may shock even the biggest John Natalie fans. Time will tell the story though and 10 rounds is a long time to keep it together for anyone.

The one flying under the radar right now though has to be Thomas Brown. Brown has shown the speed in the past but it has not been until later in the season. Due largely in part to early or preseason injuries that kept him at bay till the final rounds. Not this year though. ƒ‚ Brown has shown speed leading motos and finishing on the podium for every overall with 3rd place finishes across the board. One has think his first overall win should be coming soon and as well that the move to the Wienen Motosports Team was one that will never be second guessed for his program.

#9 Josh Creamer and #20 Josh Upperman have both ran up front as well and Creamer has even posted a moto win. Creamer is still searching for the overall win but anyone watching knows the magic is there but the talent pool is so deep right now it is hard for anyone to shine much brighter than the other. This season is going to be the best in recent if not the entire history of ATV Motocross racing.

I feel this weekend will be a weekend for rookies as well. We have seen some glimpses of greatness but nothing truly impressive so far. I have a gut feeling that Martin, Fix and Hamrick may be in the thick of things this weekend and may be ready to show the world just exactly who they are and what they have got in store for the future.

Women class racing will once again be a spotlight event this weekend as #125 Chloe Buerster and #83 Katie Mette will once again battle it out in class with each other then line up in the Open B class which Chloe won the overall two weeks ago in and leads the points in. Chloe and Katie will both have their hands full but they really seem to raise to the occasion each and every round.

That’s it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.