ATV Motocross

Media Allstars | The Season has Begun

Thursday, April 18, 2013 | 9:45 AM

Morehead, KY: ƒ‚ It is official, the 2013 season is off and running.ƒ‚  The team got off to a decent start at Aonia Pass MX even with the massive amounts of rain and mud.ƒ‚  Most all of the team finished their 1st motos at Round 1 either on the podium or in the top 5; the overall results don’t take that into account due to the cancellation of Sunday’s 2nd motos.ƒ‚  As the Team rolled into Muddy Creek Raceway for round 2 it was a bit of déjƒÆ’‚  vu as massive amounts of rain had poured down onto the East Tennessee racetrack overnight.ƒ‚  It almost seemed like Mother Nature just wasn’t going to cooperate in 2013.ƒ‚  But with all storms eventually the sun does shine and by late afternoon the smell of race gas was in the air as practice was underway!

The late day sunshine on Friday did it’s best to dry the track out and Saturday’s motos got underway just as planned.ƒ‚  Although it wasn’t muddy many racer’s endurance would be tested as the track got extremely tricky and rough in spots.ƒ‚  Most racers didn’t seem to mind though as long as the sun was out!ƒ‚  Several Media Allstars riders gave the sun a run for it’s’ money as they were shining bright on the track as well.ƒ‚  Medina, OH’s Dan Hoisington #71 showed everyone that he really wants the 16-24 class championship this year, Dan just barely missed the overall as he went 3-2 and earned a 2nd place.ƒ‚  Another Ohio rider and Media Allstar upperclassman Jake McGraw #83 took a moto one win in the 450A class and was in position to take home the overall but a slight hiccup from his LTR450 made him settle for a 1-5 finish and 3rd for the weekend.ƒ‚  Calen McGinty #33 rode solid at round 2 earning a 5th overall in Open A and a 6th place finish in 16-24.ƒ‚  Team Captain (manager) Chase Cunningham did his best to get back up to speed after reconstructive surgery on a broken wrist just 4 months ago.ƒ‚  Chase rode his way to a respectable 8th place in a stacked 25+ class.

Several Media Allstar Rookies made strong statements as well.ƒ‚  Graham Gardner #22 had what may be the most impressive ride of the weekend.ƒ‚  After coming out of the gate dead last in his production A heat Graham put his head down and passed his way all the way up to 3rd!ƒ‚  A similar charge in Sunday’s moto two got him from mid pack all the way up to a 4th overall.ƒ‚  The #94 of Michael Perkins also charged his way through the pack in both Production B and 450B where he earned 7th and 4th overall respectively.ƒ‚  Team bouncer/ nutritionist Brad Neitzel #88 showed that his training has paid off as he overcame bad starts and charged through the pack to take home 5th overall in the Open B class.ƒ‚  Cynthiana, KY native Chance Beverly #9 is still trying to work the bugs out of his machines and adjust to both his Honda TRX450R and the B class after racing in the youth ranks a season ago.ƒ‚  Chance’s finishes are not indicative of his talent level and we look forward to watching him grow as the season and his results progress.

The 2013 season is indeed off and running.ƒ‚  Team Media Allstars has the best pit presence and some of most talented riders on the circuit.ƒ‚  The team will roll into Bowling Green, KY and Ballance Moto-X in less than 2 weeks for round 3 of the ATV MX Nationals presented by Mt. Dew.ƒ‚  With Championship points on the line it should make for some great racing!