ATV Motocross

Millican Makes Pro Debut in 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013 | 8:45 AM
Dalton Millican is proud to announce that at the opening round of the 2013 ATV MX National Championship he will be lining up with the best riders in the world.
MIllican is making the move up to the AMA Pro ATV ranks. This is a big move for the 2011 450A National Champ. Millican has been dreaming of this day from the first time he lined up behind the starting gate as a child.

ƒ“I am so excited for this dream to finally becoming a reality. I know this is a big step but I also know it is the right time to take it. I have had the opportunity to race on the same tracks all of the super stars of our sport race on, but now I get to be out there racing against them. I really want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point. Canƒ’t wait till itƒ’s time for that first moto and I look around and see all those guys I have always looked up. Itƒ’s going to be a great year Millican said.ƒ”

Millican will make his Pro debut March 23, in Washington Georgiaƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚