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Site Lap: It's Getting Close

Friday, March 1, 2013 | 11:30 AM

March is finally here and things and the pressure continues to build as the new season of the Mountain Dew AMA ATV Motocross Nationals. Only three more weeks and Washington, Georgia will once again roll out the red carpet for the arrival of the ATV Racin' Nation.

As the new season approaches the news continues to poor out of the different camps that are seeing more and more faces the closer we get. Waldo Motosports in Florida seems to be a hot bed of action and many of the top competitors throughout the ranks are testing, tuning and training for the big year that lies ahead.

The preseason talk heats up as well and some of the hot topics include the return of the 2010 champion Josh Creamer and the not so likely return of Pro Am champ and expected rookie Cody Gibson. ‚ Another hot topic is the fact that there are nearly a dozen new AMA Pro ATV riders this year and the deck appears to be getting stacked in the favor of the fans for an amazing season ahead.

As mentioned, yes JC9 will make his return to the nationals this season with a full on effort to reclaim his title he was unable to defend in 2011. Josh made a few appearances in 2012 and proved himself to still be a contender. I know in speaking with Josh late last season he was hoping to make this commitment and in a recent conversation with him, he confirmed to me that he will be back.

Creamer will be riding for BCS Can Am which is the same team he has raced with for the past two seasons in the NEATV and selected national events. Josh is not being extremely loud about things but seems to be taking a laid back approach. He said he is training mainly by himself in Florida right now and he also told me when I asked what the objective was that he was "going to get the #1 plate back." .....and the plot thickens....

As the 2013 season dawns there are a lot of conversations going on right now about Cody Gibson. What happened to him? Where has he been? What's he going to do? Well, I can't answer all the questions but I can answer the ones that tell the tale. After hearing a few rumors that Gibson had basically dropped off the radar I contacted him to find out what was up. He told me when I asked how he was doing a simple "I am not racing man!" I like anyone else has to wonder the obvious question which is "why?"‚  And he simply said "I just didn't think it would be best." Not an answer I was looking for but probably the best answer he could give. And honestly that is all we need to know. Cody is extremely talented on an ATV but if your heart is not there, then you should not be there either. I know he really enjoyed coming back and hoped to continue but circumstances and life sometimes weigh heavier on the scales of decision and though I may miss his presence on the track, I know he has to do what is right for him. So like any true Cody Gibson fan should say, "Good Luck Cody! I hope the best for you and hopefully things will change." And who knows. it may or may not ever change but thanks to Cody for the awesome rides he has taken for us in the past.

We also got some updates from some of this season's up and comers. Kyle Hanes sent us a note to let us know what's going on. Kyle will be moving up from 300 in the Schoolboy classes this season to a Honda TRX 450 machine into the novice division. Kyle sent this update:

I have been training this off season more than I ever have. The reason for this is because I will be on a 450 this year instead of the Schoolboy Jr 300 classes and Schoolboy Sr classes. ‚ I just plan to hopefully come out swinging at round 1. Hopefully I can wrap up 2 championships in 2 of the C classes this year. It's been my dream to be on the podium ever since I started racing nationals 2 years ago and I think this year that all the training I have been doing is going to pay off. Also I have my sponsors helping me and would like to thank Dynamite ATV, Rath Racing, Ssi Decals, Gaerne boots, Fox Shocks, tiger Racing, Fly Racing and most importantly all my family and friends helping out.

I also had a chance to communicate with Robin Ford who is the mother of the amazing Ford boys Cody and Bryce. It seems the off season has been a busy season for these two young Texans. Robin sent this update to let us know how things are going:

The Ford Brothers just finished TQRA - Round 1 this past weekend in Ft. Worth, Texas. It was a great way to tune up for Nationals. Cody won the Youth Co-Ed and Super Mini followed by his little brother Bryce. Bryce took first in Mini Jr, Mini Sr. and Mini Mod followed by his big brother Cody. Bryce also finished his regular season Basketball by winning the Championship on Saturday in the U10 league. The boys grandma (Nana) was the highest bidder at the Caleb Moore auction and brought home Caleb's helmet and jersey from his X Games where him and we look forward to seeing you and all our friends soon. -Robin

Before we go this week, I just wanted to remind folks that are Florida this weekend about the Caleb Moore Benefit School. Here is the infromation once again in case you missed it:

Joe Byrd Quad Riding School & 88 Live to Ride along with Special Guest Host Instructors Including:

John Natalie, Josh Creamer, Josh Upperman, Mark Madl, Aaron Meyer, Jeremy Lawson, Travis Moore, Cam Covil and many more would like to formally invite you to a Benefit/Fundraiser for the family of Caleb Moore.

Date:‚ March 3rd 8-5pm‚ (Sunday)

Events: This school will have a special school format where each student will have a chance to learn from each of their favorite special Guest Hosts. ‚ We will also have a ““free ride” where the students will get a chance to ride the track with all the PRO’S. We will also have an auction of all the sponsored parts we have received. 110% of all the proceeds’ go to the family of Caleb Moore.

‚  Place: DADE City Motocross‚ 36722 State Road 52, Dade City, FL 33325‚

Contact Joe Byrd for any questions @mailto:[email protected]

The Cost: $299.00 minimum donation per rider / ‚ $15.00 per person for gate fee

This event is open to the public, if you are unable to make it to the Event and would like to donate, feel free to write a check out to 88 Live to Ride and mail it to:

10849 Navajo Court, New Port Richey,Florida, 34654 (ATTN: Joe Byrd)

If you have anything you would like to pass along for next week's or an upcoming Site Lap article, feel free to drop us a note to [email protected].

‚ That'll do it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.