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Site Lap: Prepping For A Big Season

Friday, February 15, 2013 | 5:00 PM

Another week passes and we are that much closer to the kick off to the 2013 Mtn. Dew AMA ATV Motocross Nationals. This past week seems to have stirred quite a bit of interests and should have people excited for bigger and better things to come.

The recent announcement of the American Motocross Championships which is an alliance made‚ up of‚ an elite group of race organizers that host premier amateur and professional motocross events in America is only the first step to something bigger. It includes five major amateur motocross events and the two premier professional motocross racing series which include The Mtn. Dew AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championship and The Lucas Oil American Motocross Nationals among others.

The news released today about the all new Racer TV and the online racing network that appears to be in motion will be a key tool and will be instrumental in helping elevate ATV and Motorcycle racing to a whole new level . Racer TV announced that they would be producing 30 minute highlight shows to view within two weeks on Racer TV of each event and select events will also still be featured as a part of Racer TV on NBC Sports.

Another bit of news that will help keep things positive is the number of applicants for AMA Pro ATV Racing this year. As of mid week there were 11 new rookies that had applied for license and that has to be some sort of record. Hopefully we will begin to see a transition of the competitiveness we saw in Pro Am class continue in the pro ranks as well. It surely sweetens the pie and makes for another reason to anticipate the 2013 season.

As far as the rider news from around the ATV Racin' Nation we continue to receive updates on programs, training and injuries. The good thing is that is all positive. Some folks may not be exactly where they want to be but the passion that drives them to continue to do this fuels their fire.

Brett Musick sent me a message and things seem to be going very well with his recent injury:

I just wanted to let you know that I got my cast off two days ago and my hand is probably around 60%. Hopefully will be able to ride in a week or two. We went up to Baldwin Motorsports last weekend and we have both the new quads finished. We even freshened up the practice quad. We will be going to the Atlanta Supercross next weekend so I can't wait to see that. I also cant wait for the season to start and the Ellis Motorsports team will be ready to win some championships.

That's good news Brett! I can't wait to see you mixing it up on the Pro Am class this season.

I also had a chance to exchange some comments with Casey Martin who is in Pennsylvania this weekend for the annual Motorama. This event has been known to attract some big names in the past and hopefully we can get a full report from there next week.

Casey sent me note to let everyone know how things are going:

I will be returning for 2013 but this year I will beiIn pro class. I have been fortunate enough to pick up some new key sponsors that will help my program out tons I haven't been riding much because I have been busy working. I figure I will go with what has worked so far in the past so I will be coming in with same approach this year as last and that's just to have fun and try to stay healthy. ‚ Dave porter and I will continue keeping all the seriousness out of our pits and just enjoy being at every round. Press release will be out soon

A report from Splendora, Texas, ‚ home of the Rage ATV training facility says that the ‚ Root River Racing team is looking great. It is reported that several additional riders are practicing with the team and include Joel Hetrick and select group of the power house riders from the around the area. The skill levels for all the riders are reported to be increasing by leaps and bounds, thanks to Dee Manshack's rigorous training regiment. ‚ I have been told that an on looker right nowwill see the team is in better condition than when they ended the year last year. The race staff is hard at work in the frigid great white north of Minnesota meticulously building 16 ATV race monsters and ‚ 2013 will be a year to watch.

‚ Don't forget too that Joe Byrd Quad Riding School and the 88 Live To Ride Foundation will be conducting a once in a life time opportunity to be schooled by some of the world's premier ATV Motocross racers.

Here is the details from a recent press release:

Joe Byrd Quad Riding School & 88 Live to Ride along with Special Guest Host Instructors Including:
John Natalie, Josh Creamer, Josh Upperman, Mark Madl, Aaron Meyer, Jeremy Lawson, Travis Moore,
Cam Covil and many more would like to formally invite you to a Benefit/Fundraiser for the family
of Caleb Moore.

Date: March 3rd 8-5pm (Sunday)

Events: This school will have a special school format where each student will have a chance to learn from each of their favorite special Guest Hosts. ‚ We will also have a ““free ride” where the students will get a chance to ride the track with all the PRO’S. We will also have an auction of all the sponsored parts we have received. 110% of all the proceeds’ go to the family of Caleb Moore.

‚ Place: DADE City Motocross 36722 State Road 52,

Dade City, FL 33325

‚ Contact Joe Byrd for any questions @mailto:[email protected]

The Cost: $299.00 minimum donation per rider / ‚ $15.00 per person for gate fee

This event is open to the public, if you are unable to make it to the Event and would like to donate, feel free to write a check out to 88 Live to Ride and mail it to:

10849 Navajo Court, New Port Richey,

Florida, 34654 (ATTN: Joe Byrd)

Or if you are a motorsport company feel free to donate product for this special event.

‚ Special Thanks to all the sponsors for their Donations as of 2/8/2013:

Pro Armor
Quad Tech
Works Connection
Precision Stabilizers
Dynamic Graphix

That will do it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.