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Site Lap: Preseason Updates

Friday, February 8, 2013 | 9:15 PM

As the pre season heats up reports are beginning to poor in from all around the‚  ATV Racin' Nation. This week we decided to hear from a few riders from all different classes. The up and comers are the future of the sport and this is a good opportunity to see what the future is beginning to shape up like.

Last week I got to talk John Natalie's former mechanic Casey Greek. Casye is now the ace man in the Lane Baird pits. Lane appears to be the "next big thing" working his way through the youth ranks with his sights set on bigger and better things for the future. Casey says that he is amazed at the abilities of this youngster and how easy he is to work with when it comes to testing. Casey said, "It's like the kid knows what his machine is doing, nearly as much as a seasoned veteran."‚  Casey also told me that they went to a local race and Lane's dad held him back on the gate because he was beating everyone so bad, He made him wait to take of and Lane passed all the way into first then he stopped to yell at his dad for holding him back. I must say if this team stays together over the years I can only imagine the stories Casey will tell about this seemingly future champion.

We also got a message from Ries Parvin, another up and‚  coming amateur racer:

Hey Rodney just keeping you updated but so far as the off season for racing I have been trying to eat as healthy as I can. Also have been hitting the gym almost every day to stay in shape. As far as my bike for next year I will still be on a can am. I just might try to bring the flying cow back to the 2013 season. As far as sponsors I didn't get any new ones which is kinda sad. But I am thankful for the ones that believe in me and think I can win a third championship. For the upcoming year I will be racing 2 A classes and collage boy so I'm gonna have my work cut out for me. Ill get the job done though! I'm not calling anyone out cause if you have the money that's good but me and my family don't have the money to head down to Florida and practice so I miss out on a lot of seat time. I try to ride at indoors as much as my budget will allow me though. Georgia should be fun. It's one of my favorite tracks on the circuit behind Unadilla and Loretta Lynn's but I like it and got on the podium last year and plan on doing it again! Without my sponsors I would not be able to race so I'd like to thank MotocrossVest, Ohio crew, quad radio, Can am, EVS, BCS, Maxxis, Rath racing, most of all my family, and everyone else that has ever help me out along the way. Thank you

We recieved a rather intriguing note from down under. Yes that's right Australia. It appears that one the Aussie's has decided race this season's Mtn. Dew AMA ATV Motocross National Championship. Jordan Dummett sent the following short note:

Hey there!

I'm Landing in the US on the 17th of feb from Australia and heading down to Fl to start the training with the Wienen Motorsport team! I cant wait to get over there! There's my update ha ha

We will make the decision to what class I focus on, but I will be riding pro am and 450a.

Then another note from Courtney Taylor who is planning a big season with her husband sent this letter announcing their plans for 2013.

Hey Rodney! Cliff and I are so ready to hear a "gooooood mooorning ATV racing nation!" We have been busy preparing our bodies and quads for March 23rd. We have been been on a good diet and workout schedule and riding as much as we can in the cold! My quad is complete minus graphics, Dirt Fiend Racing hooked me up this year with free graphics!!! They are working on them now. I'm racing a boys vs girls Monster Jam Quad Wars March 1st and 2nd in Richmond, VA so hopefully I will have them on by them.‚ 

Cliffs atv is nearly done. I love that guy, he always gets my ATV finished first‚  we are both running the 05 Hondas with the Walsh lowering kit like we did last year with just a few minor changes.‚ 

We will race a couple district 13 races down in North Carolina and southern Virginia before the Nationals start.‚ 

I'm excited to see Birch Creek back on the schedule .. That's the closest track to us and one of my favorites. I raced my first national there.‚ 

This will be our third year running a series. I've raced for four or five years now and Cliff's been racing since he was a little guy. I raced NEATV in 2011 (most of it) Cliff was not racing that year, he was recovering from a broken humorous bone. I was really spoiled that year since he only had me and my quad to attend to. It's so much more fun when he races though so I was glad to see him race the nationals last year.‚ 

I'm so grateful we are able to be a team and race together. We've got it down pat after doing it for a few years now. Cliff does the work on our bikes (after he gets home from his shop, CT3 Motorsports, where he works on bikes and atvs all day) and preps the RV and trailer. I get our gear, food, and a ton of other crap packed up in the RV and trailer. We split the driving to and from the track. I cook breakfast in the morning at the track while he gets both our bikes ready. I do some work on my ATV if it has to get done and he is out on the track. It was crazy at first racing basically every other weekend but now its all we think and talk about. Motocross is totally addicting and I love that it's a big part of our lives. We have made so many great friends and memories racing over the past few years and I look forward to making some more in 2013!‚ 

If you still would like us to be on Quad Radio one day we would love to! Let me just say in advance in case we are on there one day that no matter what Cliff says, I'm a total angel and never difficult to deal with at the races °Å¸Ëœâ€¡ Haha! Can't wait to see you Rodney!!!!!

Courtney Taylor #43.

Then Melissa Kufel whom we have heard a lot about from if no one else but Cole Sepesi. It looks like the team is gearing up for another big season.

Hi Rodney.‚  The ATV Outlaws race team have worked out some sweet deals with our sponsors and thanks to them have been busy tearing down quads and building new ones for the 2013 season. We have all been working hard in the gym getting in shape and have some plans in the works to go south a couple times before round 1 of the MX nationals. Class changes for the team are Cole Sepesi moving up to schoolboy Sr and will also be racing in the new schoolboy 250 mod class. Trevor Thatcher moving up to the 90s ranks. David Collard making his first appearance in supermini. Joe Scarrow will be returning to 25+ and 30+. As for me, i will be returning to the racing scene in the women's class and 30+ C. Words cannot describe how excited and motivated I am after health issues sidelined me in 2012. Other team riders like Lindsay Hutchinson and Logan Sepesi have also been training hard but have not finalized class decisions. We are really happy with the way things have been coming together for the ATV Outlaws Race Team and are looking forward to heading to the races this season!

Last and not least we heard from Nick Moser who too has a big season coming.

Nick Moser here checking in too fill you in on what I got going on for the upcoming race season. For the start of things, after racing motocross since I was 10, I'm finally making the jump to the Pro Class! Its been my dream my whole life and now its finally about to happen. Not only am I going to be competing in the Pro Class but I will also be gunning for that number 1 plate in the Pro-Am Class. I'm headed down to Dee's place in Splendora Texas next week to get things rolling. I couldn't be more pumped for this year! I have a great group of people standing behind me this year like FTR Powersports, Root River Racing, RAGE Atv, JB Racing, Montgomeryville Cycle Center, RipItUpFilms, PEP, SF Racing, TRP, Dynamite Atv, Yoshimura, Troy Lee Designs, Bell, Hetrick Racing, Lombardo Motorsports, Amped Apparel, Nacs Racing, RPM and of course my parents! Hope all is well and ill see you in a few weeks!

Thanks to all those that sent the updates in and if anyone else would like to share how the 2013 preseason is shaping up, send us a note to [email protected].

That's it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.