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Site Lap: Tough Week

Friday, February 1, 2013 | 4:30 PM

The 2013 Mt. Dew ATV Motocross Nationals are yet another week closer to competition and the news continues to heat up with reports from all the ranks. As exciting as this all is the ATV Racin' Nation was hit hard by the loss of one of our own when former ATV National Motocrosser and ATV Freestyle Innovator Caleb Moore lost his life after a tragic accident while competing in the hugely popular WInter X Games.

Caleb actually became a noted ATV star at a somewhat young age as a part of the ATV Motocross National Championship. Probably remembered in this respect most as a huge part of Media All-Stars Amatuer Powerhouse race team. He is also remembered by more for his ground breaking ATV Freestyle Exhibitions as a part of the world renowned "Bomb Squad".‚ 

Caleb broke a lot of ground with his amazing stunts and one of my fondest memories of this young man was at the Steel City ATV Motocross Open in 2007 when he did a freestyle exhibition for the obvious two-wheeled race fans and shocked them with his famous back flip. He then went on to even bigger and better things but that day he opened the eyes of our brother racing community of what an ATV was capable of doing.

There are a number of tribute posts and videos that people are posting all over the web. This is a true testament to what impact he had in the ATV and Snowmobiling industry. Jorge Cuartas has posted a team conversation on the Media All Stars web page that may be of some interest to those that may have known him.‚ 

Jorge also sent this note to us here at ATV Motocross, it is a little more personal and can give you more insight into an individual that touched so many in his short time on earth:

When the news broke that Winter X Games’ ““Snowmobiler” Caleb Moore had passed
away on January 31st, the entire ATV Industry was utterly shocked. Moore’s death
made National headlines, and ““A-Listers” like Tim Tebow, Kelly Slater, Little Wayne,
Travis Pastrana, & Brian Deegan were quick to offer their condolences. Social media
was bombarded with pictures, and tributes to Moore, most of which consisted of
him on ATVs. Caleb may have risen to superstardom on sleds, but it was ATVs that
actually got him to that point. Long before anyone outside of ATV MX Racing knew
who he was, Caleb was turning heads at the ATV MX Nationals. In 2005 Caleb burst
onto the National scene aboard an Orange Honda TRX450. His #31 was often seen
out front, pulling ridiculous holeshots regardless of his gate pick. At the High Point
round, Caleb decided that the uphill triple behind the starting gate was not only ““do-
able” , but that he could do Freestyle tricks over it. Keep in mind, that no Pro had
ever attempted this jump, yet a virtually unknown ““B-Class” rider from Texas was
doing tricks that few had ever seen over it, lap after lap.
In 2006 Caleb was recruited by the ““FMF Media Allstars” , changed his number to
718, and took the B Classes by storm. His ability to hold the throttle wide open,
regardless of the situation, and uncanny balance, made him entertaining to watch,
and somewhat terrifying to race against. As Caleb used to say, ““I’m winning, or
crashing” , he often found himself on the ground, but that never seemed to deter him,
or slow him down. In the pits, Caleb was beloved by all. His smile rarely left his face,
and as many of his competitors will tell you, even when he inadvertently took you
out, you couldn’t help but laugh at his ““Aw Shucks” sincerity. Caleb’s desire to push
the limits of Freestyle, led him away from racing full time, but he always expressed a
desire to return to the Nationals. An innovator in the truest sense, Caleb’s stock rose,
and before long he was the superstar that the rest of the World came to know and
Love. Caleb Moore will surely be missed, and you can bet that flags will be flown at
half mast in the pits of his former team.

Thanks for those words Jorge and as he mentioned the internet exploded with tributes and‚ 
Seth Fargher who is one of the sports biggest enthusiasts offers some insight into Caleb with a video tribute and more. You can find the tribute at

2 Time Champ Joe Byrd sent me a note asking me to pass along the word about a special benefit coming up in for Caleb's family. He said a press release is coming soon but here it is in a nutshell and hopefully you can pass it along.

Joe Byrd Quad Riding School/ 88 live to ride is hosting a Caleb Moore Memorial/Benefit School in Tampa, Florida March 2nd & 3rd. Special guest hosts are John Natalie, Chad Weinen, Josh Upperman, Josh Creamer, Jeremy Lawson, Mark Madl, Jerimiah Jones, Travis Moore, and more have already confirmed to help come down instruct. Along with the riding school, we are also raffling off tons of sponsored products to help with the Moore family.

Cost $500 per school rider

$10 gate fee per person

100% of the proceeds go to Caleb Moore's family.

Press release & more details will be out soon.

As far as looking forward just like Caleb seemed to always be doing, the 2013 race season is still several weeks away but reports are starting to fly in from all around in all classes. Its seems that team efforts are starting to grow and we have a few updates to pass along as we head toward the new season.

Here are some of the things that I have been able to gather over the last week or so. Defending AMA Pro ATV Motocross Champ Chad Wienen and his new teammate Thomas Brown are hitting it hard in Florida. It seems that this could be a great combination of riders for the Yamaha folks but probably more so for them personally because of the level these two can push each other to.

John Natalie is still waiting on bikes and from what I gather still in Pennsylvania. The former champ will be riding a Honda once again and from what I heard, nearly everyone else in the class will be too. About the only few that we know for sure who will not be are Chad and Thomas the Yamaha and if and when Josh Creamer races the nationals it will be on a Can Am.

Joel Hetrick has been rumored to be dialing in the new Hondas he will be riding in 2013. Hetrick is staying somewhat active on Twitter and if you follow him or Gloop over at Rip It Up Films you may be able to keep up with what he has going on lately.

Something else that really excites me as the new season approaches is the possible record rookie season in the AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championship. So far I understand that 6 new applicants have already filed and we will have a list for you soon to begin your bench racing with.

I have received several messages and updates from a number of pro and amateur teams for this season and had hoped to include in this weeks article but it looks like next week will begin ramp up to 2013 racing. There are several good stories and we even have an Aussie ready to make a stab at the Mt. Dew ATV Motocross Nationals.

Be on the look out on the main page of The schedules, rules, class details and more are being updated regularly as the season approaches so check it daily.‚ 

That'll do it for now. Till next time, God Bless Your Heart and all Your Vital Organs.