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Friday, January 18, 2013 | 2:00 PM

Nine weeks and counting the way I look at the calendar until we roll into Aonia Pass Motocross in Washington Georgia for the opening round of the 2013 AMA ATV MX Nationals. Saying that now it seems so far away but in about eight weeks we will be asking ourselves, where did the time go? One answer may be, prepping, tuning and training for the 2013 season.

There is some ruckus afloat in the ATV Motocross Nation and it all seems to be pretty positive. Amateurs and pros alike are working toward the season at fever pitch never before witnessed. It seems coming off one of if the most competitive championship seasons in history has inspired everyone to push and train even harder.

Though many seem to be enjoying the luxuries of training in warmer temperatures others are stuck at home in the cooler and wetter conditions to do the best they can. I did a little Facebook scanning today and found out a few things.

Sensation Brett Musick has a broken wrist with some pins in it. Injuries for ATV racers are not necessarily new but this one came from playing ball. Come on Brett, don't you know that ball sports are dangerous? Geesh!

Seems like it may be contagious. I spoke with Chase Cunningham down at Morehead Motorsports in Morehead, Kentucky and he said he too has experienced a little mishap.‚  His though may be a little worse and that can only come from experience I am sure. It happened on December 8th and picked himself up a little hardware in the process. He said it was basically shattered in about 10 pieces and he has a "nice new titanium gusset kit installed." ‚ Things appear to be healing up nicely and he expected to be ready to ride to kick the season off in Georgia.

He sent this note to let us know what was up:

Just as our recent press release would indicate we’ve been busy this offseason. 2012 was

another great season with Brett Musick winning the most improved rider award and with the

help of Dylan Tremellen brought home 3 more National Championships for the team. Both of

those riders have moved on to bigger and better deals. But that’s what we do, we’re a farm

system and hopefully if we’ve done our job then Media Allstar members will get noticed and

move on up the career ladder. We do all we can but once a rider gets to a certain level they

tend to exhaust what we can do. With their departure it left some big shoes to fill and we hit

the recruiting trail pretty hard this offseason.


We did pick up 4 new riders for 2013. Graham Gardner who proved himself in production A last

year, Chance Beverly a super talented youth rider who’ll be stepping up into the 450 classes in

2013, Michael Perkins who ran up front in the C classes in 2011 and Brad Neitzel who sent us

the best resume and easy that we’ve seen in a few years. Adding these riders to what we’ve

already got with Jake McGraw, Dan Hoisington, Calen McGinty and others and it’s hard not to

get excited about what we can accomplish this year.


Sponsorship wise most of our sponsors stayed the same from a year ago. Lonestar is once

again the engine that drives this MAS machine, can’t say enough about what they have done

for this team over the last 3-4 years. I think it’s worth mentioning that we’re really excited to

be working with DG this season. This being the 10th year anniversary season for Team Media

Allstars it seems fitting that we return to our roots a little and DG was there in the beginning

with the team. My own personal business Morehead Motorsports will also be a title sponsor

of the team once again, offering access to deals on products that we can’t always lock down

sponsors for. We also put together a really nice team video titled ““Training Day” with the help

of some of our 2012 and 2013 riders and We’re so lucky to have a media

outlet as dedicated to the sport of ATV Racing and Recreation as a team sponsor. It’s a great

video and if you’re looking for something to make you wanna go ride, it’s a much watch!


Jorge has been hard at work here as of late working on our graphics and pit set up stuff. We all

say this every year but he’s once again outdone himself on our look for 2013. We’ll have the

freshest graphics in the pits, new pit boards, new pit shirts and hopefully a few other surprises

when we roll into Georgia for round 1. I personally think we’ll come out swinging this year

and pick right up where we left off. Like I said earlier 2013 is the 10 th edition of the Media


Allstars and we’ll ready to do everything we can to make it the best one yet. Remember ATV

Racing nation if you’re looking for info on the Media Allstars we’re on twitter (@mediaallstars),

Facebook (!/media.allstars.atvracing), and on the world wide web at Can’t wait to see our racing family in a couple months!

As mentioned earlier, the south is a buzz with riders training and getting ready. I talked with some folks that had been down at Waldo and rumor is that Rookie AMA ATV Motocross Pro Kyle Fix is hitting it hard.

Kyle is running for Buerster Motosports /Roberts Racing / Pro Quad Honda and is hoping to gain some big experience this season. He was a contender in the Pro Am class but felt he needed to step up to get even faster.

Another rider spotted there was JB Racing's Duck Lloyd. Duck is said to be looking like an animal. Which is really no surprise, his name is Duck. Duck is said to be a force to be reckoned with in the Pro Am class and is certainly one on the radar for a shot at the championship.

Luke Shepard is also moving according to reports. He said to be riding at a whole new level and is looking and acting way more confident that last year. A huge part of that could be the new Walsh Hybrid he is riding in 2013. If it works for him like it does Cody Gibson, this should be good.

Cody Suggs is also getting his stuff dialed in and there is no reason that he shouldn't be a top 10 finisher when the gates drop this season. Suggs is riding ‚ a Baldwin/PEP Shocks machine this year and is also starting to gain more and more confidence.

Those are some good reports and I expect that there will be more in the future.

Until next time, God Bless Your Heart and All Your Vital Organs.